NFT REVIEW Immutable and Axelar: Accelerating Interoperability in Web3 Gaming

Axelar and Immutable, two prominent names in the Web3 space, have recently announced their integration, a move to boost interoperability in Web3 gaming. By integrating into the Axelar network, Immutable zkEVM-based games can extend their reach across a continuously expanding network, ensuring high levels of programmability, security, and scalability at the cross-chain level.

Introducing Axelar and Immutable

Axelar serves as a comprehensive interoperability layer for Web3, transforming blockchain into a new type of development platform. It integrates various networks into a unified “Internet of blockchains.” On the other hand, Immutable is a leading Web3 game development and publishing company. They are known for creating successful games such as “Gods Unchained” and the anticipated “Guild of Guardians.” 

In its first phase, Axelar will enable direct connectivity between Ethereum and Immutable’s new zkEVM chain, Immutable zkEVM. This Polygon-based ZK-rollup chain is integral to Immutable’s Web3 gaming platform. Also, this chain offers compatibility with Ethereum’s Virtual Machine (EVM), along with low-cost transactions, and extensive scalability.

Benefits of Interoperability in Web3 Gaming

The integration with the Axelar network brings several substantial benefits. Firstly, it supercharges user onboarding, granting games direct access to Ethereum Layer 1 users. Secondly, asset bridging is streamlined, allowing players to transfer assets to and from Ethereum Layer 1 through Immutable Passport and Immutable Checkout. 

This simplifies the process of making deposits and withdrawals. Lastly, there’s a significant improvement in cross-chain scalability, enabling games to extend their reach across multiple blockchains, in fact, over 50 chains.

Sergey Gorbunov, CEO of Interop Labs, the initial developer of Axelar network, commented on the recent collaboration, “The integration of Immutable serves as an expansion pack for the Axelar ecosystem, complementing a platform that already supports interoperability for Web3 game platform leaders like Decentraland and XPLA.”

IMX: The Native Utility Token of Immutable Ecosystem

As part of the integration, Axelar will securely transfer IMX, the native utility token of the Immutable ecosystem, to zkEVM. IMX is essential for covering transaction fees and incentivizing user and developer engagement within the Immutable ecosystem. This ensures that games developed on Immutable zkEVM have access to a growing network of 56 blockchains, offering built-in programmability, security, and scalability at the cross-chain level.

Axelar is programmable and decentralized, backed by its proof-of-stake token, AXL. For developers, it provides a user-friendly API and a comprehensive ecosystem of tools and service providers to streamline their work.

The partnership between Axelar and Immutable highlights the importance of collaboration in driving innovation within the Web3 gaming industry. With their combined expertise, these two companies can bring significant advancements in interoperability, scalability, and user experience for Web3 games.

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