NFT REVIEW Endless Clouds Partner with Immutable to launch Treeverse and Capsule Heroes

Endless Clouds, a game studio known for its innovative and immersive games, has recently joined forces with Immutable to launch its highly anticipated titles, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, on Immutable’s zkEVM blockchain

This partnership has generated a lot of buzz in the gaming community and for good reason – it brings together two powerhouses in their respective fields.

Treeverse and Capsule Heroes

Treeverse is described as an immersive MMORPG that focuses on player ownership through in-game NFT assets. Players will be able to explore a vast virtual world, complete quests, and engage in battles with other players – all while building their own collection of NFTs. These unique digital assets can range from trees and characters to virtual land plots and more, adding an exciting element to the game that sets it apart from traditional MMORPGs.

On the other hand, Capsule Heroes is a player-versus-player (PVP) brawler-style game that also incorporates NFTs and emphasizes player ownership. Players will be able to collect and trade virtual characters, each with their own unique abilities, and battle it out in intense PVP matches.

Both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes will offer alpha and beta early access launches, giving players the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the games before their official release. Additionally, these games will integrate with Immutable Passport, the company’s single sign-on crypto wallet. This allows for seamless and secure transactions within the game using popular cryptocurrencies.

Endless Clouds and Immutable

There are several factors that led Endless Clouds to choose Immutable’s zkEVM for its blockchain needs. Security is a top priority for both companies, and the zkEVM technology provides an added layer of protection against potential hacks or attacks. Furthermore, the low fees and scalability offered by this solution make it ideal for hosting large-scale games with a high volume of transactions.

In addition to NFTs being an essential part of gameplay in Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, Endless Clouds has plans to launch a token through its platform Loopify. This token will have various use cases within the games, offering players even more ways to engage with and benefit from NFTs.

The partnership between Endless Clouds and Immutable can be best described as a win-win situation. Endless Clouds provides the gaming expertise and application, while Immutable offers its industry-leading blockchain infrastructure and support services. By coming together, both companies are able to enhance their offerings and provide players with an unparalleled gaming experience.

Strategic Alliances

Endless Clouds has already caught the attention of notable gaming and venture capital firms, including Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, and Momentum 6. These partnerships speak to the potential and excitement surrounding Endless Clouds’ games and the use of blockchain in the gaming industry.

Endless Clouds has already achieved nearly $100 million in trading volume through its NFT collections. In fact, the company has released three Treeverse-related NFT collections on Ethereum, each with its own unique theme and limited edition pieces. This success only further solidifies the potential for NFTs in gaming and Endless Clouds’ ability to tap into this market.


The partnership between Endless Clouds and Immutable is a testament to the growing influence of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. With their combined expertise, these companies are set to revolutionize the way we play and engage with games through the use of NFTs. As Treeverse and Capsule Heroes make their way onto Immutable’s zkEVM blockchain, it’s clear that this collaboration is just the beginning of a bright future for both Endless Clouds and Immutable. 

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