NFT REVIEW NFT Pro: Bybit’s Innovation for Openness in the NFT Market

Bybit has recently launched NFT Pro through its Web3 division, featuring an extensive and diverse range of NFT collections. This new platform aims to simplify and open up the exploration of NFTs assisting users in navigating the ever-changing landscape of Web3.

Bridging Web2 and Web3 with NFT Pro Features

NFT Pro seeks to connect Web2 and the emerging Web3 space by welcoming all users from the conventional web domain. Through specialized Branded NFT stores and exclusive drops, the platform will offer early access to high-profile NFT collaborations from global artists, sports stars, and cultural icons. This effort seeks to engage fans and collectors while also exhibiting the promise of Web3 to celebrated figures across the globe.

With NFT Pro, users can purchase NFTs directly on the platform, thanks to its integration with a range of NFT marketplaces. It also supports and executes several pending orders simultaneously across various platforms, helping users stay a step ahead in the fast-changing NFT market.

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Additionally, NFT Pro prioritizes speed and efficiency. With a user-friendly interface, transactions are completed swiftly, thanks to local data volume optimizations. The platform also offers cost-effective measures, such as smart market comparison selection, to ensure users benefit from competitive fees and faster transaction speeds.

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, expressed his excitement about the launch of NFT Pro. The platform aligns with the company’s broader mission to create openness in Web3. “Web3 should be about empowerment, not exclusivity. NFT Pro welcomes everyone – from seasoned collectors to curious newcomers – and invites them to join us in shaping a future where anyone can own a piece of the metaverse,” Zhou stated. 

Catering to a Diverse Audience

Bybit’s NFT Pro integrates a diverse selection of popular NFT assets, including Blue-Chip and trending Ethereum projects, with new assets going live on the platform within just one minute.

Beyond swift integration, NFT Pro is committed to enhancing the overall experience for its users with a rewards system. With this system, every time a user makes a transaction, be it buying or trading an NFT, they earn points. These points offer opportunities to participate in prize pools and unlock exclusive NFTs. Furthermore, as NFT Pro grows and evolves, so does its reward system, set to regularly update its offerings.

With a focus on building an open and equal decentralized world, Bybit Web3 invites a broad audience, from seasoned blockchain professionals to newcomers. Bybit already engages over 800,000 wallet users and multiple major ecosystem partners, including the Oracle Red Bull Racing team, Formula One’s current Constructors’ and Drivers’ champions.

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