NFT REVIEW Ubisoft Teams with Double Jump.Tokyo for Champions Tactics

Double Jump.Tokyo, a leading blockchain application developer in Japan, has announced a new partnership with Ubisoft. The company will provide web3 integration support and become a key marketing partner for Ubisoft’s web3 game, Champions Tactics, in Asia. Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles will integrate with the Oasys Layer 2 HOME Verse blockchain, developed and operated by Double Jump.Tokyo.

Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles

Grimoria Chronicles is a new PVP Tactical RPG game for PC currently being developed by Ubisoft. The game combines elements from classic strategy board games and modern turn-based RPGs. Players assemble a team of mythical Champions, engage in tactical battles, and explore the dark and mystical world of Grimoria.

The lore and history of Grimoria are rich with legends waiting to be uncovered. The game has launched its first PFP collection, the Warlords, featuring 9,999 unique digital collectibles. Each Warlord has over 170 unique traits, including armour, weapons, and headgear, and provides early access to the Champions drop.

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The second collection, “The Champions,” will be released soon. An allowlist called the “Dark List” will enable players to mint three Champions for free on July 18th. Each Champion has a unique look and skillset, and players must strategically use their squad’s abilities to counter opponents in thrilling tactical battles.

In this mystical world, players will face off against other players in competitive multiplayer experiences. Each Champion has distinct skills and abilities, making them unique champions in the game.

Web3 Integration and Blockchain Technology Collaborations

Double Jump.Tokyo, in partnership with Ubisoft, will provide web3 integration support for Champions Tactics, issuing the game’s NFTs on the HOME Verse chain. Didier Genevois, Ubisoft Web3 Technical and Product Director, said, “Teaming up with Double Jump.Tokyo has been exciting because they bring technical skills and a passion for the future of gaming. This partnership will offer valuable insights on how decentralized technology can mix with gaming.”

Double Jump.Tokyo is connecting Champions Tactics with Japanese web3 IPs and games to increase their Asian presence. The company has facilitated collaborations between HOME Verse partners and Champions Tactics. Oasys and HOME Verse have launched a staking campaign featuring a Champions Tactics NFT giveaway. Brave Frontier Heroes, a blockchain game developed by Double Jump.Tokyo, based on the popular smartphone game Brave Frontier, has also implemented a Champions Tactics NFT giveaway collaboration.

Hironobu Ueno, CEO of Double Jump.Tokyo said, “Joining forces with Ubisoft marks a significant milestone for Double Jump.Tokyo. We are excited to explore the potential of Web3 and digital ownership in gaming with Ubisoft. Partnering with a global industry leader like Ubisoft allows us to continue delivering exceptional games and accelerating the adoption of Web3 gaming technology.”

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