NFT REVIEW Shatterline’s HV-MTL Integration: Elevating Arena Shooters to New Heights

Shatterline is a dynamic arena shooter Shatterline available on PC, featuring both player-versus-player (PvP) and player-versus-environment (PvE) modes. It offers a dynamic and competitive experience that has captivated many since its early access release on Steam in 2022. However, the early access servers are set to shut down on August 1st. Despite this, Shatterline is gearing up for a broader audience with its upcoming launch on the Epic Games Store later this year. Faraway Co, a gaming startup, has been instrumental in the development and integration of HV-MTL into Shatterline, ensuring a seamless and innovative gaming experience.

The Benefits of HV-MTL Integration

The integration of HV-MTL (HyperVerse-MultiTokenLayer) into Shatterline, a popular multiplayer arena shooter game, is anticipated to transform the gaming experience. By leveraging HV-MTL technology, players can expect not only enhanced graphics and improved performance but also a more immersive gameplay environment with increased depth and realism within the virtual arena.

Moreover, the incorporation of HV-MTL NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) introduces a unique element where owners can wield distinct advantages in the game’s PvE (Player versus Environment) expedition modes, offering them a competitive edge over other players. This strategic gameplay feature not only adds excitement and depth to the gaming dynamics but also creates a new dimension of engagement for the gaming community.

New Features and Rewards

The collaboration between Faraway and Shatterline brings a plethora of exciting new features, including Web3 rewards and tradable items. Players can look forward to both Web3 and traditional gaming rewards, with a substantial $100,000 prize pool for PvE and PvP battles. The HV-MTL integration promises to introduce unique and engaging gameplay experiences, further enriching the game.

Faraway’s Chief Product Officer has announced these exciting new features and rewards in an unofficial Discord post, further building anticipation within the community.

The Future of Shatterline Esports

The partnership between Faraway and the shooter Shatterline marks a significant stride in integrating Web3 elements into mainstream gaming. Shatterline players can anticipate a unique and engaging experience, with plans to introduce more HV-MTL classes and further integration of Legends of the Mara characters. As the game’s full launch approaches, players can expect a fresh and thrilling experience.

The discussions between Faraway and Frag Lab about integrating Web3 elements into Shatterline began in 2022. This partnership was pivotal in Faraway’s decision to acquire the HV-MTL and Mara IP from Yuga Labs. Faraway’s Chief Product Officer, everydayzukini, has shared details about the forthcoming features on Discord, building excitement within the community.


The integration of HV-MTL NFTs into Shatterline represents a pivotal moment in the evolution of both the gaming and blockchain sectors. Faraway’s strategic acquisitions and collaborations promise a unique gaming experience that merges the allure of blockchain assets with high-octane gameplay. Gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike can anticipate a groundbreaking release in Q4 2024, heralding a new era of digital interactivity and ownership.

Shatterline’s journey from early access to a full launch on the Epic Games Store, coupled with the integration of HV-MTL, is a testament to the innovative spirit driving the gaming industry forward. The enhancements in graphics and performance, coupled with the new gameplay mechanics and rewards, are set to provide an unparalleled gaming experience. As the Esports scene within Shatterline develops, the inclusion of spectator fantasy sports features and further integration of Web3 elements will keep the game at the cutting edge of the industry.

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