NFT REVIEW Moku NFT Sale: What You Need to Know

On July 9th at 1 PM UTC, the highly anticipated Moku NFT sale will go live on the Mavis Launchpad. This event marks the debut of Moku’s first collection, featuring Moki Eggs that will reveal unique Moki NFTs. The rarity of the egg will determine the likelihood of obtaining a rare Moki, making this sale an exciting opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts.

Key Details of the Moku NFT Sale

The sale will be conducted in two stages: Allowlist and Public. A total of 8,888 Moki NFTs will be available, each priced at 55 RON. Moku HQ, the team behind the NFT sale, limits participants to one NFT per wallet. The Allowlist Stage is set to offer 4,200 Mokis to original Moki holders, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Ronin creators, and other members of the Web3 community. Allowlisted participants can verify their eligibility on the Mavis Launchpad starting July 8th.

Moku HQ plays a significant role in launching notable games on the Ronin Network, further establishing its presence in the blockchain gaming world.

Steps to Mint a Moki Egg:

  1. Visit the Moki Mint page on Mavis Launchpad.
  2. Connect your Ronin Wallet.
  3. Click the “Mint” button.

Moku’s Lucky Draw and Moku NFT Sale

The Moku Lucky Draw has concluded, and participants can now check their eligibility on the Moku website or Discord. Winners will receive their Moki airdropped on July 9th without any additional action required. Non-winners will find their RON refunded in their Ronin Wallets. The Moku Lucky Draw has successfully engaged a thriving community, further solidifying Moku’s robust creator program.

The Public Sale will commence following the completion of the Allowlist Stage. This phase will be open to anyone with a Ronin Wallet, offering all remaining Mokis that were not minted during the previous stage, highlighting the new distribution paradigm in web3.

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Utility and Thriving Community Benefits

Moki NFTs come with a variety of utilities and benefits for the Moku community. Holders can claim points and multipliers on the Moku platform, become eligible for airdrops and special events, and gain early access to limited-time shop items and private games.

Additionally, Moki holders will receive in-game perks, premium access to features, and rewards from Moku partners. Exclusive access to the token-gated Discord channel, giveaways, whitelists, and experimental merchandise are also included. Moku has integrated Moki NFTs into its games portfolio, expanding its range of first-party indie games and third-party partner titles.

This new dynamic emphasizes the importance of the distribution paradigm in the web3 space, highlighting community-driven content distribution and

Conclusion and New Distribution Paradigm

Moku’s NFT sale represents a significant milestone for the Ronin movement, spearheaded by prominent members of the Axie and Ronin movements. The launch of Moki NFTs aims to foster a vibrant and engaged community, offering a blend of collectible value and practical utility.

Notable games like Ragnarok Monster World have been launched on the Ronin Network, showcasing the platform’s potential.

With the sale set to begin on July 9th, interested participants should prepare to verify their eligibility and participate in this landmark event.

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