NFT REVIEW Sustainable Coffee: Telefónica Adds Harvverse NFTs to Marketplace

Telefónica has announced the addition of the first two collections from the Harvverse project to its NFT marketplace. These collections, named ‘Green’ and ‘Carbon’, are part of an innovative initiative using blockchain technology and NFTs to address social challenges in the coffee industry.

Additionally, Telefónica introduced a collection commemorating the film ‘Calladita,’ the first European film financed through NFTs, marking a milestone in decentralized cinema.

Revolutionizing Coffee Production

Harvverse aims to transform the coffee industry in Latin America by leveraging technology within the metaverse. The platform connects coffee producers directly with consumers, aiming to ensure transparency, fair prices, and access to new markets. 

Using data collection systems and machine learning algorithms, Harvverse adjusts coffee production based on factors such as rainfall patterns. The platform’s NFTs represent coffee plots, allowing consumers to support farmers directly, while blockchain technology ensures transparency and traceability of transactions.

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Sustainable Collections: Green and Carbon

Telefónica is launching the ‘Green’ and ‘Carbon’ collections, consisting of 10 different NFTs each. These NFTs grant rights to virtual agricultural assets and sustainable projects, addressing challenges like limited resource access and the need for sustainable techniques.

The ‘Green’ collection focuses on environmental sustainability, offering unique sensory experiences through NFTs like GeishaGreen, Harmonious Blend, and Rainforest Aroma.

The ‘Carbon’ collection connects with the elements of earth and sun, aiming to set standards in carbon reduction. NFTs in this collection, such as Terra Guardian and Solstice Serenade, emphasize climate action and eco-friendly initiatives.

Each NFT purchased represents both an investment and a commitment to a sustainable future. Telefónica’s collections allow investors to support specific projects in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and water conservation, promoting sustainable practices in the coffee industry.

Calladita: Film Financed through NFTs

In addition to the Harvverse collections, Telefónica is also introducing a collection of 50 NFTs to commemorate the film ‘Calladita,’ presented by Steven Soderbergh, directed by Miguel Faus, and starring Paula Grimaldo and Ariadna Gil. This collection marks the first European film financed through NFTs, offering exclusive making-of content and behind-the-scenes videos.

With these new additions, Telefónica continues to strengthen its NFT marketplace, catering to users interested in unique blockchain-based digital assets. Since its launch in 2021, the marketplace has evolved, featuring exclusive collections from various artists and themes while enhancing user functionalities. 

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