NFT REVIEW Starbucks Korea Embraces NFTs for Eco-Friendly Consumer Engagement

Starbucks Korea has introduced a new feature in their mobile app, an NFT wallet, aiming to integrate NFT technology into the everyday experience of its customers. This initiative marks the company’s adoption of Web3 concepts, reflecting an effort to align with sustainable practices.

NFTs in Eco-Friendly Campaign

Issued on Polygon, Starbucks Korea plans to use the NFTs as part of an eco-friendly campaign. The campaign’s main objective is to incentivize customers to make sustainable choices. Starbucks has designed a promotional event where customers using reusable cups through the Siren Order function are awarded Eco Stamps. 

These stamps, collectible daily, can be exchanged for various NFTs, categorized as Basic, Creative, and Artist. The NFTs, featuring unique cup and tumbler designs, are a collaboration with Print Bakery (PBG), a Seoul-based art platform, and PBG exclusive artist DADAZ. Additionally, an exhibition at the Starbucks Jongno R store in Seoul will display these NFTs.

Focus on Reusable Cup Usage

Furthering its sustainability efforts, Starbucks Korea continues to encourage the use of personal cups. The company offers a complimentary beverage voucher to customers purchasing a reusable cup or tumbler, now renamed the Eco Tumbler Beverage Coupon, to better reflect the company’s environmental goals. 

According to Son Jeong-hyun, the CEO of Starbucks Korea since October 2022, there’s been a consistent year-over-year growth in the usage of reusable cups across the chain’s 1,700+ locations. In the last year alone, these eco-friendly cups were used more than 25 million times, a 16% increase compared to 2021, and the highest yearly usage to date.

Starbucks Korea’s initiative to incorporate NFT technology into their customer engagement strategy and promote reusable cups signifies a blend of digital innovation with environmental responsibility. By integrating NFTs into daily consumer habits, Starbucks Korea is adopting eco-friendly practices and exploring new dimensions of digital asset integration within retail.

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