NFT REVIEW Oasys Partners with Korean Gaming Powerhouse Com2uS for Web3 Gaming

Oasys, a dedicated blockchain gaming platform, has partnered with Com2uS, a renowned South Korean game developer, and its Web3 subsidiary XPLA. The collaboration marks Com2uS’s expansion into the Japanese gaming market, intending to leverage Oasys‘ Web3 gaming infrastructure for the move. 

Com2uS to Craft Its Own ‘Verse’ on Oasys Blockchain

Com2uS, founded in 1998, has established itself as a pioneer in mobile and online game development and publishing. Already a validator on the Oasys blockchain, Com2uS plans to expand its role by creating its own ‘Verse’ on the platform. The XPLA Verse will utilize Oasys’ infrastructure to integrate diverse and compliant blockchain gaming experiences for players. 

This collaboration will enable Com2uS to onboard its flagship IPs, including Summoners War: Chronicles, an action RPG adventure, alongside The Walking Dead: All Stars, a strategy RPG rooted in the zombie TV saga. These games will soon grace the XPLA Verse on Oasys, extending their availability to more players.

Dominic Jang, Oasys’ Head of Business Development & Head of Korea, expressed excitement about the new collaboration, stating, “The core value of Oasys comes from the vision that Oasys acts as a blockchain that offers the most relevant solutions for game companies as a game-focused blockchain and we are also confident our collaboration will lead to the kind of innovative gaming experiences that players deserve.”

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Expanding in Japan with Oasys Blockchain

Com2uS plans to employ the Oasys blockchain’s dual-layer setup, which includes various Layer2 Verses and a central Hub-Layer, to comply with Japan’s regulatory standards. This approach aids the Korean company in aligning with local laws, with Oasys’ expertise in Japan playing a key role in ensuring regulatory compliance and broadening Com2uS’s market presence and audience in the region. Recently integrated with DappRadar, the blockchain continues to set the stage for gamers to dive into the Oasys world.

Paul Kim, Team Lead of XPLA, said, “By partnering with Oasys, XPLA will make a significant move into the world’s third largest gaming market, Japan. With plans to launch two major Web3 games based on globally recognised IPs within the first half of the year, we intend to capture the 55 million Japanese gamers community.”

Inspired by ‘Explore and Play,’ XPLA includes numerous digital offerings within its blockchain gaming infrastructure, maintained by a sustainable ecosystem. Additionally, Oasys and XPLA’s prior collaboration at the 2023 ‘Beyond Boundaries’ hackathon in Seoul showcased their commitment to solving Web3 challenges and enhancing gaming experiences.

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