NFT REVIEW Oasys Joins Forces with Datachain and TOKI to Advance Inter-Blockchain Communication

Oasys, a leading blockchain platform in blockchain gaming, has announced a dynamic partnership to improve the interoperability of Web3 games developed on its network. Its collaboration with Datachain and Toki is the latest step in a series of high-profile partnerships focusing on expanding its ecosystem. Moreover, the move aligns with its “Dragon Update” and is the first stage of Oasys’ three core pillars: ‘interoperability, ecosystem, and killer content’. 

Enhancing Interoperability with Datachain and TOKI

Oasys aims to harness interoperability to enable distinct blockchain networks within its ecosystem to facilitate cross-chain transactions, creating a more connected and functional gaming environment.

Datachain, known for innovative blockchain research and development, is bringing its Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) technology expertise to the partnership. With multiple grants from the Interchain Foundation, Datachain offers expert knowledge in IBC with access to a network of 100+ chains. 

TOKI, which develops cross-chain bridges using IBC, will help Oasys maximize this protocol to improve the game user experience. 

Daiki Moriyama, Director of Oasys, emphasizes the importance of unique blockchain-enabled gaming experiences. “At Oasys, we passionately believe that the future of blockchain gaming hinges on providing unique experiences that are only possible through blockchain technology,” he said. 

In the announcement, Daiki highlights the crucial role of interoperability in Web3 gaming: “One of the key elements to achieving this will be the interoperability of games – for example: giving players the ability to make single-click, cross-chain transactions across multiple networks. By collaborating with Datachain and TOKI and integrating IBC, the go-to standard for web3 interoperability, we will deliver for gamers globally.” 

Leveraging the Power of IBC

Amidst the harsh climate of the cryptocurrency market recently, this collaboration highlights a pattern of Web3 players coming together to progress with a user-centric focus. Beyond enhanced interoperability, Oasys acknowledges the importance of IBC’s permissionless framework, enabling secure cross-chain transactions with built-in responsive features.

Oasys is a game-optimized blockchain, and the incorporation of an inter-blockchain messaging protocol enables the settlement of NFTs across different blockchains, minimizing friction and enhancing the overall gaming experience for users.

Furthermore, this partnership opens up the possibility of applications on Oasys using stablecoins from various blockchains, thanks to integration with Progmat Coin. Progmat is a digital asset infrastructure provider and a mutual partner of Datachain and TOKI.

Oasys boasts a scalable Layer 1 hub complemented by a dedicated Layer 2 that utilizes Ethereum’s advanced Layer 2 scaling technology. As a gaming-specific blockchain, they are supported by first-class gaming names like SEGA, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, and Ubisoft. They play a vital role as network validators, further solidifying Oasys’ position in the gaming blockchain sector.

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