NFT REVIEW Nine Chronicles M’s Web3 Journey in Japan Boosted by Animoca’s NFT Launch

Animoca Brands Japan, a subsidiary of the global blockchain leader Animoca Brands, has announced a new move to assist international Web3 projects in entering and expanding into the Japanese market.  This includes the launch of “De: Centralized Cat (D:CC)” NFTs on Nine Chronicles M, a popular blockchain game available on Coincheck NFT starting from April 3, 2024.

Overcoming Market Entry Challenges

Entering Japan’s Web3 space can be daunting for foreign companies, with challenges such as the legal landscape, business customs, and language barriers. However, the country’s thriving entertainment culture presents untapped opportunities for overseas entities.

Animoca Brands Japan has said it aims to leverage its expertise and experience in promoting Japanese IPs on the global Web3 stage to assist foreign projects in navigating these complexities.

A Bidirectional Bridge for Web3

With this new initiative, Animoca Brands Japan solidifies its role as a vital connector between Japan and the international Web3 scene. The MMORPG Nine Chronicles M, developed by Planetarium Labs Pte. Ltd., is an excellent example of the type of project that Animoca Brands aims to support. 

The game utilizes NFTs for in-game items that can be exchanged for crypto assets or proprietary tokens. The “De: Centralized Cat (D:CC)” NFTs not only serve as avatars in the game but also allow holders to earn unique tokens by locking them within the game environment.

Unique Offering in the NFT Space

Animoca Brands Inc. plans to sell 300 units of the “De: Centralized Cat (D:CC)” NFTs, priced at 0.06 Ethereum (ETH) each, exclusively on Coincheck NFT. Interested buyers must register an account with the marketplace to make a purchase, marking a significant step towards integrating global Web3 projects into the unique and challenging Japanese market.

Introducing “De: Centralized Cat (D:CC)” NFTs on Nine Chronicles M is a milestone for Animoca Brands Japan in its efforts to promote international Web3 projects in Japan. This initiative not only benefits foreign companies but also strengthens the country’s position as a leader in the global blockchain industry. As more overseas entities enter this market, we can expect further growth and innovation in the Japanese Web3 landscape. 

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