NFT REVIEW NIGHT CROWS MMORPG Pre-Registration Begins Globally

Wemade has recently announced the start of global pre-registration for ‘NIGHT CROWS’, a new MMORPG developed by MADNGINE. This Web3 game, which utilizes Unreal Engine 5, offers players an immersive experience with realistic lighting and high-definition graphics. ‘NIGHT CROWS’ supports cross-play between mobile and PC, allowing players to enjoy the game across different platforms.

A Blend of Fantasy and Reality

NIGHT CROWS‘ presents a world where ‘everything clashes and collides in the lands of medieval Europe’. The game rewards effort and strategy, with player choices directly influencing advancements and promotions within the game.

‘NIGHT CROWS’ features four classes and eight sub-classes, offering players a variety of choices when it comes to character customization. Additionally, large-scale wars accommodating up to 1,000 players add to the intensity of the gameplay.

Pre-registration and Rewards

Since its release in April 2023 in the Republic of Korea, the game has gained popularity, topping the charts as the number one downloaded and top-selling game across major mobile app markets.

Players interested in ‘NIGHT CROWS’ can pre-register on the official website, Google Play, and the Apple App Store until its official launch in March. Pre-registration offers players exclusive rewards, including rare-grade mounts and gliders, enhancing their gameplay experience.

Wemade is stepping forward by integrating blockchain technology into ‘NIGHT CROWS’. The game’s economy will be interlinked with Character NFTs, generated by compressing the character and user’s game data.”

WEMIX3.0 and Streamer Supporting System (SSS)

‘NIGHT CROWS’ will be compatible with WEMIX3.0, Wemade’s omnichain network strategy. This compatibility will allow users from various blockchain networks to engage with the game’s tokenomics effortlessly. The introduction of the Streamer Supporting System (SSS) establishes a transparent ecosystem where gamers, content creators, and their supporters can thrive together.

Wemade will showcase a demo version of ‘NIGHT CROWS’ at the Taipei Game Show 2024 to give players a firsthand look at the game’s features. This event, from January 25th to 28th at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, promises to offer attendees an exciting game preview.

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