NFT REVIEW Mon Protocol Partners with Pixelverse to Expand Web3 Gaming Network

Mon Protocol, a blockchain publishing specialist, has partnered with Pixelverse, a quest-based battler set in a cyberpunk pixelated universe. The alliance aims to utilize Pixelverse’s gameplay to expand Mon Protocol’s range of offerings and reinforce its Web3 gaming community.

The partnership introduces Pixelverse’s game to Mon Protocol’s vast user community, which includes more than 1.1 million dedicated Pixelmon fans. Additionally, they’re planning a special Pixelverse token airdrop for certain MON token holders, creating more chances for interaction and rewards for their community members.

Pixelverse’s Demo Playground

Mon Protocol, a publishing protocol known for enabling players to bring their favourite characters into the blockchain realm, leverages the MON token to power Web3 gaming experiences.

Giulio Xiloyannis, CEO of Pixelmon and co-founder of Mon Protocol, emphasized the strategic alignment of this partnership, stating, “Pixelverse’s web browser-based quest battler has shown promising market fit in emerging regions, reminiscent of the success seen with Axie Infinity and The game’s narrative has the potential to attract retail and mainstream users to enter the crypto space through play-to-earn mechanics.”

Pixelverse Gameplay and Development

Pixelverse, designed by former Step App CEO Kirill Volgin, is a quest-based battler game incorporating engaging PvE battles, a “Risk-to-Earn” system, and customizable NFT bots. Moreover, the game immerses players in an AI-dominated cyberpunk universe where they can explore, collect resources, and engage in combat.

Furthermore, Pixelverse supports third-party development through its SDK and Pixelchain infrastructure, promoting a diverse range of game development activities.

Kirill Volgin, now CEO of Pixelverse, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Our focus is on rewarding questers and early adopters with their first foray into cryptocurrency through immersive gameplay. This partnership aligns with our goal to provide an educational yet enjoyable introduction to the crypto world.”

Through this partnership, Mon Protocol’s efforts to publish blockchain-native intellectual property (IP) and Web3 gaming experiences will hope to gain increased traction, as it connects with Pixelverse. 

By joining forces, Pixelverse and Mon Protocol hope to illustrate how shared synergies benefit community expansion, and attract more gamers to Pixelverse’s cyberpunk world.

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