NFT REVIEW MixMob’s Racer 1 Brings Star Wars’ Stormtroopers to Life

MixMob, a gaming platform based on the Solana blockchain, has recently announced its partnership with Shepperton Design Studios and Andrew Ainsworth, bringing the beloved Stormtrooper character to life in their game Racer 1.

A Unique Licensing Deal

What makes this collaboration even more exciting is the fact that it was not secured through traditional means such as Disney or Lucasfilm. Instead, MixMob’s agreement is with the original prop maker for “Star Wars,” Andrew Ainsworth. As many fans may know, Ainsworth won a legal battle with Lucasfilm over his production and sale of replica helmets, granting him limited rights to commercialize the design of the Stormtrooper.

MixMob’s collaboration with Ainsworth specifically focuses on the armor design from “A New Hope,” further emphasizing their dedication to staying true to the original design. This means that the Stormtrooper character featured in MixMob will be based on Ainsworth’s iconic white-armored design, making it unique from other licensing deals related to Star Wars.

A New Strategy for MixMob

The incorporation of the Stormtrooper character into MixMob’s game is part of their overall strategy to integrate elements of “remix culture” into their platform. This not only includes licensed characters, but also other forms of media and content. In fact, MixMob has plans to add more licensed characters in the future and is expected to launch a mobile version of their game in Q2 2024.

While details about the sale of Stormtrooper NFTs have not been disclosed, it is speculated that owners of MixMob’s Gen0 Masks and Gen0 MixBots NFTs will receive priority access to the minting process. This not only adds value to their existing NFT collection but also provides an exclusive opportunity for dedicated players and collectors.

What’s Next for MixMob?

This exciting collaboration with Andrew Ainsworth and Shepperton Design Studios is just the beginning for MixMob. They have also teased that three additional licensing partnerships will be announced within the year, further expanding their platform and bringing even more beloved characters to life.

With their innovative approach to incorporating “remix culture” into gaming, MixMob is quickly becoming a favorite among players and collectors alike. Keep an eye out for updates on their upcoming mobile version and other licensing deals, as the Stormtrooper is just the first of many exciting additions to come.

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