NFT REVIEW METAVERSE Disney and Epic Games Forge $1.5 Billion Partnership for New ‘Persistent Universe’

The Walt Disney Company and Epic Games have joined forces to develop a games and entertainment universe. This partnership aims to expand the reach of Disney’s iconic stories and experiences globally. With a massive investment of $1.5 billion, Disney is set to acquire an equity stake in Epic Games. 

The goal is to deliver an immersive gaming experience that integrates with Fortnite and offers a ‘persistent universe’ where players can not only play but also watch, shop, and interact with content from a vast array of Disney franchises, including Pixels, Marvel, and Star Wars.

Expanding the Gaming Experience

According to the announcement, players will have the power to craft their narratives and showcase their Disney fandom in unique ways. The collaboration will provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect and share their creations within a vibrant community.

The partnership between Disney and Epic Games has precedent. Through previous collaborations and content integrations in Fortnite, they have captivated millions of players worldwide. Notably, the Marvel Nexus War event featuring Galactus attracted an astonishing 15.3 million concurrent players. This success highlights the immense potential of this new venture to engage a vast audience with new immersive experiences.

Despite setbacks, Disney and Epic Games envisioned a future in the metaverse, and their latest partnership proves this vision is still alive. In fact, the HoloTile, an innovative omnidirectional treadmill, was recently developed by Lanny Smoot, a prolific inventor with over 100 Disney patents, aiming to enhance the VR experience.

As the digital world expands, this collaboration between Disney and Epic Games hints at another move towards the metaverse. By integrating Disney’s extensive portfolio with the immersive world of Fortnite and utilizing Unreal Engine technology, they are setting the stage for new interactive experiences. 

Unleashing Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine, renowned for its role in creating video game universes, will be the backbone of this new universe. Its versatility has already showcased itself within the Disney ecosystem, helping to develop popular video games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Additionally, it has been instrumental in film editing, animation, and the design of attractions at Disney Parks.

With over 3 billion gamers worldwide seeking navigation between their favourite universes, this partnership could redefine the boundaries of gaming, storytelling and virtual worlds.

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