Casio Computer Co., Ltd has stepped into the metaverse with a new virtual reality innovation: ‘G-SHOCK THE RIDE.’ This VR attraction offers users a unique opportunity to virtually try out the toughness-testing process that defines the enduring quality of the G-SHOCK watches.

G-SHOCK THE RIDE, available on the social virtual reality platform, VRChat, gives a look into the futuristic procedures that test the durability of these watches. Taking inspiration from the real-life tests carried out at the Hamura R&D Center, the ride pushes the envelope, transcending the bounds of current testing methods.

Virtual G-SHOCK Store

Casio has already made its footprint on VRChat concrete with the introduction of a virtual G-SHOCK STORE in October 2023. The store offers immersive services like watch customization and avatar-based interactions. The latest addition of G-SHOCK THE RIDE highlights the company’s commitment to enhance its metaverse presence and reach out to the growing VRChat community.

Participants clad in their avatars get to ‘ride’ a virtual G-SHOCK watch through several immersive scenarios. Not just a ride, but this unique experience is also a journey into the incomparable reliability and toughness tests of G-SHOCK watches. The creators have designed this VR experience to reiterate the real-world durability of G-SHOCK watches through virtual testing landscapes.


VRChat, the platform that hosts the G-SHOCK THE RIDE, is a burgeoning social space in virtual reality. With millions of users, VRChat houses diverse communities engaging in an array of virtual experiences. It has emerged as a popular gathering spot for individuals keen on interacting through their avatars, making it an ideal location for Casio’s latest venture.

In a nutshell, G-SHOCK THE RIDE is a seamless blend of fun, learning, and a testament to the G-SHOCK watches’ resilience. By driving its virtual reality prowess, Casio continues to establish a stronger metaverse presence, enthralling the massive VRChat user community with its innovative offerings.

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