NFT REVIEW MetalCore Funding: Studio369 Secures $5 Million for Game Development

Studio369, the game development studio behind the open-world PvP mech combat game MetalCore, has recently announced that it has successfully secured $5 million in funding. This significant investment will allow Studio369 to further develop and enhance MetalCore, bringing a new level of excitement and immersion to the gaming world.

MetalCore has been in development for approximately three years and the game has recently completed an invite-only closed beta test, with plans for an open beta test slated within the next few months. This early testing phase has allowed the development team to fine-tune the game and ensure a smooth launch for players.

Funding Milestones

Matt Candler, CEO of Studio369, expressed his excitement and gratitude for the continued support of MetalCore. He stated, “The additional funding will greatly enhance our ability to develop MetalCore and bring it to players around the world. We are committed to creating an immersive gaming experience that will keep players engaged for hours on end.”

This is not MetalCore’s first successful funding. In late 2021, the game received $15 million in funding and was also awarded the GAM3 Award for Best Shooter Game. These achievements not only showcase industry recognition but also validate the potential of MetalCore as a game-changing title in the world of gaming.

The game is described as an open-world combined arms experience with massive battlefields where factions compete for territorial control. Players will have the ability to craft and trade vehicles and gear, recruit pilots, develop land, and participate in various activities aimed at planetary domination.

One of the most exciting features of MetalCore is its dynamic AI-driven mission system. This innovative feature will generate unique missions, objectives, and tasks, providing endless replayability and a rich variety of engaging scenarios for players to experience.

Players can also look forward to challenging combat against AI-enhanced enemies both on foot and in vehicles, including giant mechs. 

Customizable load-outs and unique variants add depth to gameplay, while a scanning system allows players to obtain Vehicle Blueprints from defeated enemies and create new weapons and vehicles. These assets can then be converted to Web3 assets and traded on the marketplace, showcasing the seamless integration of gaming with Web3 technology.

What’s Next for MetalCore:

Behind MetalCore is Studio369, a team of industry veterans with extensive experience at major gaming companies and involvement in iconic games and franchises. Their dedication to creating an immersive and innovative gaming experience is evident in MetalCore, and with the additional funding, players can expect even more exciting updates and features to come.

Overall, MetalCore promises to be a groundbreaking game that will push the boundaries of traditional gaming. With its unique combination of high-quality gameplay, true asset ownership, and Web3 integration, MetalCore is poised to become a must-play for gamers around the world. Keep an eye out for its official launch and get ready to enter a whole new world of gaming with MetalCore. 

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