NFT REVIEW GAMING X2Y2 Pro Integrates with Oasys for Gaming NFT Trading and Lending

X2Y2 Pro, the NFT aggregator branch of the X2Y2 marketplace, recently announced its integration into the Oasys blockchain gaming ecosystem. By joining Oasys’ gaming-focused, EVM-compatible blockchain, X2Y2 Pro aims to enrich the NFT and gaming community with enhanced trading and lending capabilities.

Integration into Oasys’ Verses

X2Y2 Pro will be incorporated into Oasys’ Layer-2 Verses, including Geso Verse, DM2 Verse, and HOME Verse. These Verses, or blockchain layers, already support various blockchain games and cater to different developer preferences for building. Oasys will soon integrate X2Y2 Pro into its Layer-1 Hub-Layer, marked as an EVM sidechain for gaming.

For example, the Geso Verse, operated by GMO Group, allows users to enjoy blockchain games by linking their Gesoten by GMO ID to their GESO Verse account. DM2 Verse, developed by DM2C Studio, boasts a substantial user base of 41 million.

Meanwhile, HOME Verse, operated by double Inc., provides a platform for major and indie game developers to showcase their creations. HOME Verse has launched a diverse portfolio of nine gaming titles, including the coveted “Battle of Three Kingdoms – Sangokushi Taisen” blockchain game, which incorporates SEGA’s legendary IP.

Introducing X2Y2 Pro to the specified Verses offers benefits for gamers and developers. Players will enjoy improved options for trading and lending their in-game NFTs, enriching their gaming experience. At the same time, developers can use X2Y2 Pro to build more engaging and vibrant in-game economies.

The X2Y2 Team expressed their excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to join the Oasys ecosystem and contribute to the promotion of blockchain gaming.” They added, “This partnership aligns with our vision for the year ahead, where we aim to furnish NFT holders with greater opportunities to unlock value from their portfolios.”

Oasys: A Game-Optimized Blockchain

Oasys is a game-optimized blockchain that provides a scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 solutions for Ethereum’s scaling. It aims to offer game developers a secure, efficient, and interoperable infrastructure. Supported by industry leaders such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, Oasys continues to offer a promising foundation for the future of blockchain gaming. Moreover, the gaming blockchain recently made its debut on Dappradar.

The partnership between X2Y2 Pro and Oasys showcases the potential for NFTs to further integrate into and enhance the gaming experience. Through collaborations like this, players and creators can anticipate a future where NFTs play a vital role in shaping gaming economies.

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