NFT REVIEW GAMING Taki Games Teams Up with Quickswap to Launch Polygon Pools After Unite Merger

Taki Games, a Web3 mobile gaming network, has announced its strategic merger with Unite. The move propels Taki Games into the Polygon network, expanding its presence in the Web3 gaming space. To aid the launch of TAKI on Polygon, Taki Games has also partnered with Quickswap to establish new liquidity pools for its TAKI tokens.

Enhancing Taki Tokens on Polygon with QuickSwap

The partnership with Quickswap plays a vital role in this expansion by establishing a presence for TAKI tokens on the Polygon network. This expansion sees the introduction of a dedicated liquidity pool for Taki’s bridged token, paving the way for TAKI transactions between Solana and Polygon and further supported by a new TAKI/MATIC pool. TAKI’s live activation on Quickswap opens the door for Polygon users to trade the token, offer liquidity, and explore the range of Web3 games on offer.

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Taki Games Expansion

Initially making a splash in the Polygon network with a web3 social product reaching 1 million users, Taki Games’ expansion plans include enhancing a range of mobile games powered by TAKI tokens, facilitating the blend of Web2 and Web3 gaming.

Taki Games, known for its free-to-play games that reward players with TAKI tokens, has a strong track record with over 5 million downloads on mobile platforms. The merger brings Weiwei Geng, the former CEO of Unite, to the forefront as the new CEO of Taki Games, injecting new leadership and vision into the company’s growth trajectory. Unite is a notable developer of Web3 and NFT project, Kungfuverse.

Weiwei Geng commented on the news, saying, “The initial blockbusters of web3 gaming have shown the enormous demand for a game that players can actually own. They’ve also shown what happens when the business model can’t keep up with the vision and inflation eats away at the value, which is why we’ve designed Taki differently. Instead, we aim to grow web3 gaming by transforming multibillion-dollar markets into value that gamers can keep for themselves.”

Following the merger, Taki Games has expanded its game portfolio. The company has invested $2.5 million in fiat and TAKI tokens to acquire two popular mobile games, Bored Button and Mom’s Kitchen. Bored Button has recorded over 5 million installations and more than 200,000 monthly active users, while Mom’s Kitchen shows 150,000 downloads and 8,000 monthly active users.

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