NFT REVIEW GAMING Shrapnel Adjusts Token Unlock Strategy To Enhance Long-Term Sustainability

Shrapnel, the highly-anticipated flagship game by Neon Machine, has been making waves in the blockchain gaming world with its innovative use of SHRAP tokens. These tokens serve as a crucial element in the Shrapnel ecosystem, providing rewards for early access competitions, enabling player-created content, and facilitating community votes. With so much riding on the SHRAP token, it’s no surprise that Neon Machine has recently announced a revision in its unlock schedule.

What is the SHRAP Token Unlock Schedule?

The SHRAP token unlock schedule outlines when and how many tokens will become available for use. This information is essential for both investors and players, as it gives insight into the availability of tokens and potential impact on market prices.

Initially, Neon Machine had planned to unlock a large number of tokens in April. However, after careful consideration, they have decided to spread out these allocations over a more extended period. This adjustment results in nearly 75% fewer tokens being unlocked in April and aligns with the project’s overall goal of ensuring its long-term sustainability.

A Comprehensive Revision

The revised SHRAP token unlock schedule is just one part of a more comprehensive revision by Neon Machine. This revision aims to alter the token unlock dynamics and better align with the project’s ambitions to become a global entertainment franchise. By starting with their flagship PC game and slowly increasing the rate of token unlocks as the user base expands, Neon Machine is setting themselves up for long-term success.

The new unlock schedule introduces a non-linear structure, starting with a lower rate of token unlocks that will accelerate as the user base and utility of SHRAP grows. This approach takes into account the potential impact on market prices and ensures that tokens are released in a controlled manner. By slowly increasing the available supply, Neon Machine can mitigate any potential negative effects on the SHRAP token’s value.

Token Management and Game Launch

The SHRAP token unlock schedule is of particular interest to crypto investors as it indicates when more tokens will become available. As with any cryptocurrency, increased circulation can potentially affect market prices. However, by spreading out the unlocks and continuously monitoring market conditions, Neon Machine is taking a proactive approach to ensure the project’s and its economy’s sustainability.

In addition to the revised unlock schedule, Shrapnel has also launched an early access version on PC via the Epic Games Store. This launch is supported by millions in SHRAP tokens for weekly competitions, giving players even more incentive to get involved in the Shrapnel gaming ecosystem. With its combination of innovative gameplay and the potential for rewards, Shrapnel is already making a name for itself in the blockchain gaming world.


The recent announcement of a revision in the SHRAP token unlock schedule by Neon Machine is significant news for both investors and players. By spreading out unlocks over a more extended period, Neon Machine is taking a proactive approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of its project and token economy. 

As they continue to make waves in the blockchain gaming world with their flagship game Shrapnel, all eyes will be on how the new unlock schedule and overall revision will impact its success. So keep an eye out for future updates from Neon Machine as SHRAP continues to evolve and shape the future of blockchain gaming. 

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