NFT REVIEW GAMING Polkadot’s Unity SDK: A New Gateway to Web3 Gaming

Polkadot, known for its interoperability and information sharing among multiple blockchain networks, is now making it easier for developers to create dApps on its network.

By introducing a new Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unity, Polkadot aims to serve as a direct line between development software and the Polkadot ecosystem, providing developers with essential tools and data to build Web3 games.

Polkadot Play: Supporting Developers

Following Unity’s recent verification of Polkadot Play, developers on the Polkadot network now have access to one of the world’s foremost platforms for developing real-time games and applications across various platforms. 

This verification introduces a simplified development process through the new Polkadot SDK for Unity, aimed at those looking to craft Web3 games on Polkadot.

Furthermore, by adopting an OpenGov system, Polkadot is ensuring that its gaming arm, Polkadot Play, also champions decentralization. It seeks to support developers with necessary tools and connect gaming projects with funding opportunities, bounties, and engaged venture capitalists in the ecosystem.

Polkadot Play is also ensuring game developers have assistance from a dedicated tech team for game integration.

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Nicholas Douzinas, Co-founder of Polkadot-based gaming platform Ajuna, praised Polkadot Play for driving forward decentralized blockchain gaming. In the announcement, Douzinas said, “By creating a hub focused on gaming, we showcase the potential in Polkadot and provide a single point of entry for game developers to start building”.

On top of technical assistance, Polkadot Play will also facilitate business development opportunities, linking developers with potential collaborators. In doing so, it hopes to create a thriving community of developers, creators, and entrepreneurs with a shared vision for the advancement of blockchain gaming.

Polkadot Play Teams Up with BGA for 2024 Game Jam

Looking ahead, Polkadot Play is joining forces with the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) to host a hackathon Game Jam hackathon in 2024. The BGA is on a mission to increase awareness and adoption of blockchain technologies in gaming.

This event, along with future Game Jams, will invite developers to explore and build with Polkadot SDK for Unity, highlighting the possibilities of Web3 gaming on Polkadot.

With the Polkadot gaming infrastructure already achieving some major milestones, Polkadot Play is on course to open up new opportunities for blockchain developers and gamers. 

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