NFT REVIEW GAMING Oasys and Kakao Games’ METABORA SG Join Forces for Blockchain Gaming

METABORA SG, the Web3 gaming division of South Korean video game publisher Kakao Games, has partnered with the gaming-focused blockchain Oasys. This collaboration aims to leverage Oasys’ latest vision for 2024, the ‘Dragon Update’, which focuses on enhancing interoperability, ecosystem development, and delivering great content aiming to widen the reach of blockchain gaming.

METABORA SG and Oasys are teaming up, blending immersive gaming with eco-conscious technology to appeal to Japanese gamers. Their joint effort seeks to drive innovation, improve gaming experiences, and establish new industry norms.

With an eye on the Japanese market, METABORA SG plans to utilize Oasys’ strong presence and extensive regional network to meet its expansion goals. Japan, a global gaming powerhouse with a projected revenue of US$44.41 billion in 2023 and a gaming population expected to grow from 42.5% to 48.2% by 2028, presents a promising opportunity for METABORA SG. 

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As it seeks to grab this opportunity, Oasys, with its connections with major Japanese gaming firms, will offer strategic guidance to METABORA SG as it ventures into this competitive market.

Furthermore, industry giants in gaming and Web3, including SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games, already support Oasys. These companies serve as key validators on its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain.

Vincent Lim, the Chief Business Officer of METABORA SG, highlighted the synergy between his company and Oasys. “Our collaboration with Oasys is about like minds coming together to push the Web3 gaming ecosystem forward,” Lim said. “Together, we aim to create a seamless and engaging experience for players worldwide, many of whom have yet to interact with a blockchain-powered game.”

Expanding the Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Oasys is known for its active involvement in the Web3 gaming community, partnering with notable Asian gaming and technology firms, like Com2uS and Kakao’s blockchain arm, GroundX. With these alliances, Oasys has introduced a digital asset wallet from GroundX and the expansion of its game selection with hits like Summoners War: Chronicles and The Walking Dead: All-Stars.

Dominic Jang, Head of Business Development and Head of Korea at Oasys, expressed enthusiasm about their new partnership with METABORA SG. “As we aggressively move forward and expand our business relationships with various gaming giants based in Korea, the partnership with METABORA SG by Kakao Games marks another important milestone for further business expansion in the region.” 

Finally, highlighting its influence in the Web3 Gaming arena, Oasys recently engaged with representatives from the Japanese government on behalf of Japanese blockchain gaming initiatives. This dialogue focused on assessing present conditions and unlocking the potential of the blockchain gaming industry.

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