NFT REVIEW GAMING NFT Worlds To Hytopia: Pioneering The Future Of Decentralized Gaming Ecosystems

NFT Worlds, a blockchain project that initially gained popularity by selling in-game land as NFTs on the Polygon network using a customized Minecraft server, faced a significant setback when Minecraft banned NFTs in 2022. This decision forced NFT Worlds to reevaluate its approach and led to a complete rebranding to Hytopia.

The Impact of Minecraft’s Ban on NFT Worlds

With its ban on NFTs, Minecraft disrupted the operation of NFT Worlds, which had achieved substantial trading volume through the sale of in-game land NFTs. This move not only affected the revenue stream of NFT Worlds but also raised questions about the future feasibility and sustainability of this business model. It was a tough blow for the project, which had gained significant traction in the NFT market.

In response to Minecraft’s ban, the creators of NFT Worlds took an innovative approach by creating their own game, Hytopia, and accompanying blockchain, Hychain. This move aims to establish an independent platform for gaming that does not rely on centralized entities with closed ecosystems. By doing so, Hytopia and Hychain hope to avoid any future disruptions caused by external factors.

As Hytopia gears up for its launch, the project has announced the sale of Hychain Guardian Nodes. This strategy is similar to that of Xai, a layer-3 gaming chain on the Ethereum scaling network Arbitrum, which successfully conducted a significant airdrop for node key owners. By offering this unique opportunity to early investors, Hytopia and Hychain aim to generate interest and support for their upcoming launch.

The Launch of Hytopia and Hychain

The launch of Hytopia and its underlying blockchain technology, Hychain, represents an effort to create a decentralized gaming ecosystem. By offering its own chain for other game studios to build upon and introducing a native token, the project seeks to establish a new paradigm in the gaming industry. This could potentially challenge established Web2 gaming platforms that rely on centralized control and ownership.

Additionally, the use of NFTs in Hytopia has the potential to transform in-game economies, giving players true ownership and control over their virtual assets. This could lead to new opportunities for players to monetize their gaming experience and even create a career out of it.

Furthermore, by utilizing blockchain technology, Hytopia and Hychain aim to address issues such as cheating and fraud in gaming. The transparent and immutable nature of the blockchain makes it difficult for players to cheat or manipulate the game, fostering a fair and secure environment for all.


The rebranding of NFT Worlds to Hytopia and the creation of its accompanying blockchain Hychain is a bold move that aims to transform the gaming industry. By offering an independent platform for gaming and utilizing NFTs and blockchain technology, Hytopia and Hychain have the potential to challenge traditional Web2 gaming platforms and create a more fair and secure environment for gamers. With its launch approaching, the future looks promising for this innovative project.

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