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A new scam aimed at the Web3 gaming industry has recently been discovered. The scam, which targeted developers and game enthusiasts, employed new deceptive tactics.

Unmasking The Scam 

It all started innocuously enough, with a direct message on Twitter from an account named @ameliachicel. The account offered a job opportunity centered around a Web3 game called MythIsland. The job was for a Solidity position, a popular programming language used for implementing smart contracts.

Further discussions took place on Telegram, with apparent interactions involving other perceived members of the game development team. These conversations helped to build trust and credibility for the project. 

To add to this facade, the website of the game showcased high-quality graphics, functional links, and detailed descriptions of the in-game economy and NFT components. It all seemed legitimate and enticing to potential developers.

The Attempted Infiltration

However, things took a turn when the developer was instructed to download a game launcher in order to access an alpha version of MythIsland. Being cautious, the developer chose to use a virtual Windows machine for the download. But during the process, an error occurred – a .NET Framework update error. This raised suspicions for the developer who reported it to the team.

In response, the so-called team members suggested trying the launcher on a different Windows machine. This further heightened the developer’s doubts, and he began to question the legitimacy of the project. Soon after, all communication trails were erased, and the developer was blocked by the team.

Scammers’ Web of Deceit

It was later revealed that the entire project and its team were nothing but a web of deceit created by fraudsters. To make their scam seem more authentic, they had even gone to the extent of creating detailed social media profiles. One of these profiles purported to be a former developer at Cosmos Network. This added another layer of credibility to their scheme.

The scam was eventually exposed by 0xMario, a freelance developer who had fallen victim to the scam. Through a tweet that quickly gained attention, he warned others about his experience and sparked conversations where numerous users shared similar stories of being targeted by the same scam. The impact of this scam was widespread, affecting many in the Web3 community.

Staying Vigilant

This incident serves as a reminder of the ever-evolving tactics used by fraudsters and the importance of comprehensive security practices. Blockchain security firms have long warned about the risks involved in downloading files, especially executables and scripts, in the context of blockchain and Web3 engagements. It is crucial for developers and enthusiasts to stay vigilant and exercise caution when it comes to downloading any files related to such projects.

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    Gaming innovator with a zest for exploring the potential of blockchain in fostering community-driven platforms.

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