NFT REVIEW GAMING Dark Machine: The Anime-Inspired Mech Arena Shooter

META-X, a leading developer and publisher of Web3 games, has announced the release of its latest game, ‘Dark Machine’. This third-person shooter (TPS) combines classic mechanics with blockchain technology.

The game is a mech-themed game supporting up to 7V7 player matches in an arena shooter format, developed using the Unreal Engine. Players have the ability to combine, transform, and expand their mechs, aiming to gain a strategic advantage over the opposing team.

As mechs increase in size, weight, and power, they can cause widespread destruction, affecting both the opposing team and the structures within the game’s map.

The Making of “Dark Machine”: Anime Inspiration and Expertise

The development and creative direction of Dark Machine benefit greatly from the involvement of two prominent figures in the anime industry. Goro Taniguchi, renowned for directing popular animes like “One Piece Film: Red” and “Code Geass,” serves as the Creative Producer for the game. 

Additionally, Tenjin Hidetaka, known for his intricate mech designs in beloved series like “Macross” and “Gundam,” is the Chief Mech Designer of Dark Machine, lending his expertise to create a visually stunning and thematically rich world.

One of the features of Dark Machine is its integration of a Decentralized Daily Tournament (DDT) system. This approach brings esports tournament organization directly into the gameplay, aiming to make the experience more democratic for players, sponsors, and advertisers on a decentralized platform. Moreover, the game offers various play styles, including skill-to-earn, play-for-fun, and free-to-play models, all centred around a token economy.

Join the Action: Token Sale and Early Access

As anticipation builds for Dark Machine, META-X announces the game’s public token sale will take place on April 11th, 2024. SwissBorg Launchpad will facilitate the sale, and interested players can find more information on the SwissBorg website. 

Additionally, VIP Pass NFT holders will have early access to the game, and Dark Machine will also be featured at major industry events such as ComicCon 2024 and the Tokyo Game Show, providing ample opportunities for gamers to engage with the game and its community.

In March, Yield Guild Games entered into a partnership with Meta-X to implement questing systems in the upcoming third-person shooter Dark Machine and enhance worldwide support for esports initiatives.

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