NFT REVIEW GAMING Bitcoin Ordinals: Deadfellaz Founders Reveal “Bits” NFT Game Incubator

DFZ Labs, the creative studio behind the popular NFT collection Deadfellaz and RIP TCG digital card game, has announced their latest venture with the launch of “Bits.” The collection will feature 10,000 unique Bitcoin Ordinals inscriptions designed to mimic the iconic green pixel aesthetic of the original Nintendo Game Boy. Along with this launch comes a new game development incubator described as “supercharged”, set to transform the way gamers interact with and earn from their Bitcoin assets.

Unique Features and Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration and innovation are at the core of this project, with DFZ Labs partnering with infrastructure startup OrdinalsBot for the inscription process and Xverse as their preferred Bitcoin wallet partner. However, what sets Bits apart from previous projects is its independent branding led by members of the Deadfellaz community, with DFZ Labs co-founders Betty and Psych serving as mentors and advisors. 

This unique structure aims to establish Bits as a flagship Bitcoin IP, tapping into the strengths of the cryptocurrency such as security, stability, and decentralization to create a gaming ecosystem that encourages collaboration among Ordinals holders, creators, and players.

Game Development Plans

Unlike other projects that have attempted to create new Deadfellaz on Bitcoin, Bits instead focuses on building a gaming ecosystem that rewards contributions and fosters cross-pollination between the gaming and Bitcoin communities. 

The team plans to develop a “roguelite” game that combines elements from various genres, providing a balance of risk and reward for players. What sets this game apart is its innovative modular system that allows Bits holders to create and integrate their own unique content, rewarding them for their efforts and enriching the overall game experience.

Airdrop and Launch Details

In preparation for the launch, DFZ Labs has conducted a community snapshot and will be airdropping 500 Bits inscriptions to top Deadfellaz collectors and community contributors. This serves as an example of the studio’s commitment to rewarding their dedicated community, who have been instrumental in making DFZ Labs a household name in the NFT space.

The highly anticipated Bits collection launch is set to take place on February 13th on Magic Eden’s Bitcoin marketplace. With the backing of OrdinalsBot and Xverse, along with the support of the Deadfellaz community, DFZ Labs is poised to make a splash in the world of Bitcoin gaming. 

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