NFT REVIEW GameStop Shuts Down NFT Marketplace Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

GameStop, a popular video game retailer, has announced the shutdown of its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace. This comes as a surprise to many, considering the company’s ambitious plans in the crypto space just a couple of years ago.

On February 2, GameStop will officially cease operations of its NFT marketplace. The platform, which was launched in July 2022 on Ethereum scaling networks Immutable X and Loopring, will be shut down due to “continuing regulatory uncertainty of the crypto space.” This marks a complete withdrawal from the world of cryptocurrencies for GameStop.

A Brief History

In January 2022, GameStop made headlines when it announced its intention to enter the NFT market. The company even went as far as hiring a 20-person team and establishing a $100 million fund in Immutable’s IMX token. However, just four months later, GameStop terminated its NFT wallet due to similar regulatory concerns.

During this time, the company made significant moves such as adding Immutable X gaming NFTs to its marketplace and cashing out $47 million worth of IMX tokens. However, the sudden shutdown of the marketplace suggests that these efforts were in vain.

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Impact on GameStop

GameStop’s abrupt exit from the NFT market raises questions about the company’s future plans in the crypto space. With its NFT marketplace shutting down and its NFT wallet already terminated, it seems that GameStop is distancing itself completely from cryptocurrencies.

The company’s tumultuous past year may have also played a role in this decision. In 2021, GameStop faced financial struggles and underwent significant restructuring, including laying off employees and the departure of its CEO who was leading the crypto initiative.

The main reason cited for GameStop’s withdrawal from the NFT market is “regulatory uncertainty.” This refers to the lack of clear regulations surrounding cryptocurrencies, which has been a major issue in the industry for years. As regulatory bodies struggle to keep up with the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, companies like GameStop may find it difficult to navigate and remain compliant.

The shutdown of GameStop’s NFT marketplace is a blow to the world of non-fungible tokens. However, this does not necessarily indicate a decline in the popularity or potential of NFTs. Other major players in the industry, such as Blur, OpenSea and Nifty Gateway, continue to thrive. In fact, OpenSea recently saw record-breaking sales of over $2 billion in November 2021.


The sudden exit of GameStop from the NFT market serves as a reminder of the challenges that companies face when venturing into the world of cryptocurrencies. With regulatory uncertainty still looming, it is yet to be seen how other companies will fare in this space. However, the shutdown of GameStop’s NFT marketplace does not necessarily signal the end of NFTs.

So, while GameStop may have closed its doors on NFTs, the potential of these unique digital assets remains. Only time will tell what the future holds for NFTs and GameStop’s involvement in the ever-changing crypto landscape. But for now, we bid farewell to GameStop’s NFT marketplace and eagerly await what’s to come next.

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