NFT REVIEW Darewise and Honda Partner to Enhance Web3 Automotive Gameplay in ‘Life Beyond’

Darewise Entertainment, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands and the developer of ‘Life Beyond,’ alongside Animoca Brands Japan, has partnered with Honda. This collaboration aims to co-develop Web3 automotive gameplay in ‘Life Beyond,’ an upcoming AAA science fiction game.

Game Development and Web3 Automotive Gameplay

According to Animoca Brands, the joint effort will involve developing new gameplay elements and game assets for ‘Life Beyond.’ Specifically, this includes in-game items, activities, and Ordinals featuring Honda. The partnership between these two companies will add utility and style to the game and enhance the gaming experience through combined innovation.

Web3 Automotive Gameplay
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The integration of Honda’s innovation and craftsmanship into the game’s setting, the planet Dolos, aims to mark a new era in transportation within the game. This partnership, facilitated by Animoca Brands Japan, will bring Honda’s automotive expertise into virtual gaming.

Darewise Entertainment, a Web3 game technology company, was founded by veterans of the AAA games industry. The company boasts a multicultural team across Paris, Barcelona, and London, focusing on creating meaningful and social online gaming experiences. In November last year, Darewise formed a partnership with ALTAVA, bringing their AI-driven digital wearables platform into the Bitcoin Metaverse ecosystem of Darewise.

Life Beyond

In the sci-fi metaverse of ‘Life Beyond,’ players venture into a new world to create a civilization. With NFTs and a tokenized economy, they shape their unique, immersive adventures. Moreover, with its emphasis on social gameplay and innovative features, the game has already generated excitement among gamers worldwide. Adding Honda’s automotive gameplay elements could take the gaming experience to a new level.

Animoca Japan: Bringing IPs to a Global Audience

Established in 2021, Animoca Brands Japan is the strategic Japanese subsidiary of the global Web3 company Animoca Brands Corporation Limited. Notably, the company has a portfolio of motorsport games, including collaborations with MotoGP™. It assists in the global Web3 strategies of Japanese intellectual property and content holders.

Overall, the collaboration of Animoca Brands, Darewise Entertainment, and Honda brings a fresh perspective to Web3 automotive gameplay. Furthermore, their partnership in ‘Life Beyond’ signifies a notable integration of Web3 principles into gaming, setting new standards for interactive and immersive experiences.

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