NFT REVIEW Binance’s NFT Marketplace Ends Support for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs

Binance’s NFT marketplace has announced it will no longer support Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs after April 18. Users won’t be able to buy, deposit, bid on or list these unique digital assets on the platform.This decision marks the end of an era for Bitcoin Ordinals on Binance.

The End of Support for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs

Starting from April 18, users will no longer be able to trade or interact with Bitcoin Ordinals on the Binance NFT Marketplace. This includes buying, depositing, bidding, or listing these unique digital assets. Any existing listing orders for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs will be automatically canceled at 06:00 (UTC) on April 18.

Additionally, any airdrops, benefits, or utilities related to Bitcoin NFTs will also end by April 10. Binance has cited the need to streamline its product offerings within the NFT marketplace as the reason for this decision. The platform believes that focusing on a smaller set of products will allow for better user experience and growth in the long run.


What are Bitcoin Ordinals?

Bitcoin ordinals are a new method that uses the capabilities of the Taproot upgrade to embed data onto individual satoshis – the smallest Bitcoin unit. This innovation enables the unique identification and tracking of each satoshi through sequential numbering. It also allows the inscription of various types of content, such as images, texts, and applications, directly onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals have recently gained attention for their ability to enable NFTs on Bitcoin, expanding its utility beyond just being a digital currency.

Initially introduced as part of Binance’s NFT marketplace, these collectibles quickly gained popularity due to their association with celebrities such as soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. However, despite the initial success, Binance’s NFT marketplace has struggled to achieve significant adoption and has now made the decision to end support for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs.

The Impact on the Broader Market

While Binance’s decision may seem like a blow to the market for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs, experts believe that the impact will not be significant. This is because the majority of Ordinals trading takes place on marketplaces such as Magic Eden and Gamma.

Furthermore, this move by Binance could potentially open up opportunities for other NFTs to gain more attention and adoption within the marketplace. As Binance shifts its focus to a smaller set of products, it may pave the way for other NFTs to gain more exposure and stand out in a less crowded market.

The Future of Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs

Binance’s decision to discontinue support for Bitcoin Ordinal NFTs after April 18 represents a significant shift in its strategic direction within the NFT marketplace. By streamlining its offerings and focusing on a curated selection of digital assets, Binance aims to enhance user experience and foster growth over the long term. Although the withdrawal of support for Bitcoin Ordinals may appear to be a setback for the sector, the broader market for these NFTs is likely to remain resilient, with other platforms continuing to facilitate their trade. 

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