Crypto Alerts Noticias Criptomonedas GoPlus Security wraps up its Private II+ funding round for more robust Web3 experience

GoPlus Security, a prominent cybersecurity firm dedicated to safeguarding the Web3 sphere, brought its Series II+ private funding round to an end, securing an impressive $4 million from a coalition of high-ranking venture capital firms, according to the lastest information shared with Finbold on March 8.

Private II+ — GoPlus Security’s Web3 marketing strategy

So far, GoPlus Security has received a total of $15 million in a number of funding campaigns led by investment entities such as Binance Labs, SevenX Ventures, Redpoint China Ventures, Avalanche (AVAX), and

With the latest funding round, the company solidified its position in the market and gained essential resources needed to fortify its mission of enhancing the Web3 experience. 

This latest investment serves as follow-on funding to the private round organized by Binance Labs in 2022, demonstrating the market’s long-standing confidence in the company’s plans.

Eskil Tsu, Co-Founder of GoPlus Security, expressed enthusiasm about the recent funding, stating:

“This funding in our Private II+ round is not just a financial boost but a strong endorsement of our vision to redefine user security network in the Web3 space, in the Web3 way. I’m thrilled for the support and excited about the future we’re building together.”

— Eskil Tsu, Co-Founder of GoPlus Security

What’s in store for the future?

With a focus on transparency and user empowerment, GoPlus Security aims to develop a robust Web3 User Security Network. 

The initiative is set to provide open-access security data that users can verify and trust, all made possible by decentralized data and computing layers. 

Furthermore, the company is launching an end-user service platform named SecWareX, which will collaborate with third-party User Security Service providers such as Harpio, Webacy, Kekkai, Trusta, and Wallet Guard. 

With these strategic endeavors, GoPlus Security aims to establish itself as a leading provider of User Security Modules across multiple blockchains, laying the groundwork for more enhanced Web3 user security.

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