Crypto Alerts Noticias Criptomonedas 3 cybersecurity influencers to follow in 2024

Want to understand the latest advancements in cybersecurity? This article features the top 3 cybersecurity influencers of 2024. 

By examining their contributions to threat detection and encryption advancements, we’ll gain a deeper understanding of their work in this field. 

John Strand is a cybersecurity expert known for sharing his knowledge generously with others. 

As the owner of Black Hills Information Security (BHIS), he leads the development of Hunt Teaming, Command & Control (C2), and Pivot testing. 

With over 100 organizations consulting on security, compliance, and penetration testing, John has made significant contributions.

He co-authored “Offensive Countermeasures: The Art of Active Defense” and contributed to the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES). 

John also created Black Hat’s “Active Defense, Offensive Countermeasures, and Hacking Back” course and the SANS Institute’s “Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits, and Incident Handling” course.

Twitter: 45,048 followers
LinkedIn: 60,800 followers

If you are interested in cybersecurity insights, you can watch all the episodes on their Black Hills Information Security YouTube channel

Kim Zetter is an award-winning investigative journalist renowned for her work across various media outlets, including WIRED, The New York Times Magazine, Politico, and The Washington Post. 

She is best known as the author of “Countdown To Zero Day: Stuxnet and the Launch of the World’s First Digital Weapon,” about the virus that disrupted Iran’s nuclear plans. The book highlights how a digital attack can possess the same destructive capability as a megaton bomb. 

Kim’s contributions to the field have earned her widespread acclaim and established her reputation as a leading authority on digital security issues.

Twitter: 95,201 followers
LinkedIn: 7,000 followers

One of her latest posts on X (formerly Twitter) addresses the vulnerability found in Apple chips.

A prominent figure in cybersecurity, Jane Frankland is not only a successful tech entrepreneur, author, and speaker but also a staunch advocate for women in the industry. 

Jane has won awards for her leadership and tirelessly promotes inclusivity. She believes in a future where everyone has opportunities, and she works with companies and organizations, including the UN, to make this vision a reality. 

Additionally, she has written two books: “IN Sights” and “IN Security.”

These books address the challenges women face in the cybersecurity field and provide valuable insights to help women navigate and succeed in this male-dominated industry.

Twitter: 12,226 followers
LinkedIn: 33,471 followers

Jane Frankland discussed cybersecurity and women’s empowerment on The Cyber Consulting Room podcast.

Guardians of cybersecurity

The cybersecurity battlefield is a dynamic one, with countless brilliant minds constantly innovating.  

These 2024 influencers we’ve highlighted stand as prominent figures, their contributions in threat detection and encryption advancements offering crucial footholds in securing our digital future.  

It’s vital to recognize their leadership, but their work is far from singular – a vast network of cybersecurity professionals continuously pushes the boundaries of online safety. 

This ongoing collective effort is what truly supports a more secure digital tomorrow.

Moreover, if you’re curious about the future of technology beyond cybersecurity, check out our article on the top 3 AI influencers of 2024.

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