The meme revolution in the NFT industry

The first time I saw a meme, it seemed to me that it was the occurrence of a skillful person, the fine, powerful and almost subliminal taste was very powerful. Although at that moment I perceived it as a success, at that moment I never thought that memes could have such a great impact on human communication.

Months ago, the presentation of a cultural project around the Meme arose within the company, although my first impression was to express a smile at such a proposal, when my review began it is unquestionable that my face changed to one that expressed surprise, fright and fear. The end became a face that expressed great motivation.

In another publication I will comment on the project that I mention and that is already deployed in Ethereum, but in this article I would like to go back to the beginning of 2019 where I had read a thesis about the communication of young people through memes, although that material It was a great help to understand how my son was communicating and being communicated, who was that age at that time, was my first approach to understanding this cultural phenomenon.

After a year of that, a very revealing event happened in my life and in the way I was going to understand this new cultural trend. At that time, within our company we had a campaign in which we gave BNB to people who followed us on social networks, this campaign had the intention of getting closer to the community and promoting the BNB cryptocurrency, for which it was created a video inviting to carry out those steps and we pointed out the mechanics of the delivery of the cryptocurrency. At that time when I received the edited video, I felt very proud of the work done in that campaign, the message was clear and motivating, in that moment of analysis and joy my son recommended that I watch a YouTube series that he liked, this was about of a Review video where a video full of memes summarized a whole series of hours of material, at first I found it strange, but then funny and entertaining. So I said, look! Within the company we made this video, you think you can do it with the format of that meme video, his answer was a resounding YES, this moment I get to work on it! – He said it with an emotion that overwhelmed the eye, although it was not an edition of minutes but it became an edition of an entire afternoon that ended up replacing all our fun plans of the last day I had on vacation with me, the result was magnificent.

The resulting video not only amused me, but also achieved that connection that we were looking for so much within our company and especially with that campaign. Its success was indisputable and unique in the crypto world.

It was at that moment that my interest in the world of memes changed from being a simple appreciation of entertainment to being a subject of study that forced to deepen.

When reviewing the literature on the internet, I realized that there had already been excellent research work on communication with memes, its importance and its great impact on society, apparently my surprise had been to discover warm water . But knowing that I was a neophyte in the field, I loved the idea of ​​wanting to delve into this study, so I reviewed how many articles and treatises on memes existed to learn more about and understand this culture.

Getting to handle concepts such as that “memes are the best form of communication that exists” is a pill that is hard to digest for people of my age, talking about Meme Engineering and Memetics (Memeticist in English) at first seemed a way to To say that I have already become childish, but when reviewing more anthropology works, among those doctoral works about the evolution and power of memes, it led me to generate a great respect for those who make memes since it is a true art or rather it can be said science knowing how to develop them with the quality that good communication deserves.

Today, this cultural current is affecting all aspects of our lives, from the personal to the economic, hence the memes could not stop being present in the world of cryptocurrencies and that is where this fusion of two begins. currents, on the one hand, the cultural current of communication by memes and on the other hand the economic current of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain.

What a magnificent combination! – I thought, 2 revolutions in their maximum splendor merging into something never seen before, it is necessary that our interest is greater and timely in this new crypto communication paradigm.

What do you think?

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Written by Dr. Paulo César Morocho Escandón

CEO Global Sports Association AG Deportes, United States
Founder and CEO since 2013 of the Allmedgroup Corporation
Business strategy leader, CEO, CFO of multiple companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America. ". Which include companies from the crypto world such as Beorus Corp, specialized digital newspapers such as Crypto World Alerts, NFT Review Market and Crypto Sport Gaming.


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