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The success of a Meme has a word and it is called virality.

Nowadays we all know what happens when something goes viral, it can be good or bad, the truth is that this characteristic is due to many factors, some true or false, those do not matter when a content goes viral.

Therefore, a meme does not matter if its content is “real or not”, if it is viral, it will have a series of implications that can generate multiple reactions.

The genetic analogy of memes (very controversial, by the way) and the way they go viral is undoubtedly the key to their success, a meme in a similar social, cultural and political group is received with a very evident intensity, which which in turn causes a greater exposure of its content, either by signaling its message or sharing it with the community as a form of expression.

The fact that a meme is neutral (neither true nor false) and that it does not obey an epistemology (branch of philosophy that studies the origin, nature and validity of knowledge) means that it has its own characteristics that constitute by themselves an element to consider for the success of a meme.

To achieve this successful configuration it is evident that the creator of memes must know in depth his social, cultural, political or economic group, his success will be to be able to communicate in a language that the whole circle understands him fully so that the message will reach and it will go viral.

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Written by Dr. Paulo César Morocho Escandón

CEO Global Sports Association AG Deportes, United States
Founder and CEO since 2013 of the Allmedgroup Corporation
Business strategy leader, CEO, CFO of multiple companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America. ". Which include companies from the crypto world such as Beorus Corp, specialized digital newspapers such as Crypto World Alerts, NFT Review Market and Crypto Sport Gaming.


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