NFT REVIEW VeVe Payout Details: What You Need to Know

Details on Payout including KYC process, fees, and more…

What is the Payout Feature?

1. Log in to the VeVe web wallet

2. Complete KYC

  • ID card with social security number (US only)
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license

3. Enter Payout Method

4. Request a Payout

Fees and Withdrawal Times

  1. You must have a minimum balance of 1000 Gems to trigger a Payout transaction.
  2. There is a 50 Gem minimum withdrawal.
  3. A 10% fee will be applied to any Payout transaction.
  4. The maximum withdrawal amount (for now) is 50,000 Gems in any 7 day period.
  5. Withdrawals will take, on average, 7–14 days to be processed and arrive in your account. The speed of this greatly depends on your banking institution, and the traditional financial system (WIRE/SWIFT). As such, you should allow up to 15 business days for your Payout to be credited to your account, from the time it is approved.

Restricted Countries

Why Don’t I have Access?

Can I Payout in Any Currency?

Changing Bank Details

Can I Request More Than One Withdrawal at a Time?

Issues with KYC

Fee Comparison

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