NFT REVIEW Top Women’s NFT Project Rockets To 200x Mint Price For Rare “Angel” Trait


It was the top pick of many NFT collectors prior to the public reveal and now Women We Love is making more positive headlines once again after the artwork has now been revealed to the public.

Some holders woke up to a lucrative surprise by discovering they have minted one of the collections rarest NFTs “The Angel” which allows that holder to share in a percentage of the entire secondary market sale profits from the Women We Love collection ongoing. These angels have transparent skin as their rare trait.

Why is this such a big deal? For example, another female NFT collection World Of Women has now achieved over 220 million ( 63,000 ETH ) in secondary market sales alone.

Given this profit-sharing benefit, these rare “Angels” are fast becoming one of the most desired NFTs in the market with some being listed for resale at 10 ETH ($34,000 USD) each at the time of writing, that’s 200x the original mint price of just .05 ETH ($170 USD).

'Women We Love NFT collection

There are a total of 177 “Angels” in the collection so many more are yet to be minted. The mint is now live and available for the public at the Women We Love website.

The team is also progressing through the roadmap on time and have already airdropped random wallets to celebrate the first milestone achieved.

There are also other rare female traits in the collection that come with benefits to their holders and these will be revealed as the collection continues to sell out in the public mint.

177 Angels in Women We Love Collection

Holders Own IP Rights

Women We Love holders own the full IP over their NFT.

They can build brands, businesses and products using their NFT as the marketing base or logo.

The Team

The experienced marketing and operations teams behind the Women We Love have worked with big blockchain brands including Binance, Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Coindoo and Wall Street Bets.

The team have also previously managed other successful collections and launches.

Public Minting Is Now Live –

Mint proceeded with community building, social contests, VIP events & more.


To know more about Women We Love, visit

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