NOSIM MYSTERY, the place where you can get mystery prizes by purchasing our NFTs.

NOSIM MYSTERY is a whole new ecosystem of NOSIM. NOSIM is a platform of GameFi based on Binance Smart Chain protocol, providing services for the GameFi project distribution, NFT trading market, NFT application scenarios and cross-chain deployment.In short, NOSIM is an all-in-one discovery gaming hub for games, guilds, and metaverses. As the first phase, NOSIM launches the Mystery Treasure Hunt. By purchasing NOSIM NFT “The Volus”, users are entitled to participate in the mystery lucky pool!

All users have to do is to mint a NOSIM MYSTERY NFT and wait for our winner reveal announcement. In each round, we will reveal the winner when all the NFTs in that round are fully minted.

Each NFT has 60% chances of winning the interesting prizes such as Gaming Rig, PS5, iPhone and many more!

YES! You will be able to claim an actual real life reward from us!

If you have missed out on the rewards, no worries about it! We still have our Payback Mechanism where unlucky players could harvest rewards from our Worldpool after certain rounds of “unlucky”.

Here is the simple guide on the gameplay.

1. Head to NOSIM MYSTERY Dapp at: [LINK]

2. Purchase your favourite NFT at Marketplace

3. Wait for our result!

In round 1, we are only selling 500 NFTs at the price of 139 USDT and our top prize is worth up to $3999. In short, with 139 USDT, you stand a chance to win prizes worth more than 25x!


Be the mystery winner.

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