PORTO ALEGRE, FEBRUARY 14TH: Two time Copa Libertadores Champions Sport Club Internacional, in partnership with Chiliz, the leading global blockchain provider for the sports and entertainment industry, have announced that the $SACI Fan Token will be launched today, Monday February 14th, at 2pm (CET), 10am in Porto Alegre (Brazil).

Fan Tokens are collectible digital assets that give sports fans access to a new digital service provided by their favourite clubs through the app. Benefits include the right to take part in decision-making processes by voting in polls, access to exclusive discounts and rewards and the chance to earn unique prizes and rewards through games, competitions and other features.

During 2021, Fan Token partners launched over 300 Fan Polls, with fans voting on kit designs, squad numbers, inspirational messages and other fan-related decisions. Up to 5,000 Fan Token holders were rewarded with signed jerseys, tickets and VIP experiences through the app. This year is aiming to reward over 17,000 users.

150,000 $SACI Fan Tokens will be released at $2 each in what will be the first Brazilian Fan Token Offering (FTO®) of the year. As part of the efforts to increase opportunities for fans to benefit from this new opportunity, has introduced a new format which spans four days across three stages:

The first Fan Poll will be available as soon as the FTO® kicks off, and will give Inter fans the chance to vote on a very special decision. $SACI Fan Token holders will be able to choose the design of the armband that Andrés D’Alessandro, current captain and one of the club’s biggest all-time legends, will use during his final stretch as a Colorado.

One $SACI Fan Token will be enough to vote on this poll and the rest of the polls that Inter will be launching on the app in the coming months, but fans owning more tokens will have a higher influence (each vote is multiplied by the number of tokens owned) and more chances to earn rewards.

Internacional, the fifth Brazilian football club to launch its Fan Token on, joins a network of over 60 sporting organisations worldwide that are already using the digital assets created by to engage with their fans. The roster features football giants such as FC Barcelona, Manchester City, Juventus, Inter Milan, Arsenal and the national teams Italy and Portugal, amongst others, but also major MMA brands, Formula 1 teams and esports clubs all over the world.

The mobile app, launched by leading blockchain provider Chiliz in 2019, is available for iOS and Android and currently hosts a growing community of 1.3 million users in 167 different countries. Brazil has been the fastest growing market for the company in terms of users over the past year, and currently accounts for over 15 percent of the app’s user base.

After growing both its number of partners and its number of users by 500 percent in 2021, aims to introduce millions of new fans to the benefits of Fan Tokens in 2022 with new innovations, features and rewards to be added throughout the year. will add many more major global sporting organisations to its roster, launching high visibility national and international marketing campaigns and building up its sports and entertainment ecosystem in the next months.

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