NFT REVIEW Review: Club de Beauté PFP

New Mint – 5/5 Stars

2022 is shaping up to be the year of the female PFP. Women-led, women-focused NFT projects are redefining web3 as they go. The latest notable in the field is Club de Beauté.

What makes Club de Beauté unique is the collection was born inside the BAYC community. The artwork was created by an OG multi-BAYC owner, and has tons of support from other BAYC holders. With the continuing rise of $Ape, it’s clear Bored Apes are the gravitational center of the NFT world, and the closer any collection is to it, the stronger its appeal.

Growth Potential

Thankfully, Club de Beauté doesn’t just rest on the family name. It has a verified contract, an exciting roadmap and real-world utility right off the bat, including ready-to-ship merchandise, NFT airdrops, and whitelist partnerships with other upcoming projects. That’s the kind of growth potential that calls to mind projects like World Of Women and Crypto Chicks.

Lovely Artistry

Talking of which, women-focused PFPs—from Flower Girls to World of Women—are characterized by generally better creative, intersecting fashion and poster design, and the art world. Club de Beauté is no exception, with solid artistry built on the classic BAYC model, and sporting futuristic fashions which have garnered the attention of at least one award-winning designer.

Social Responsibility

Many women NFT artists use their projects to create a more diverse and inclusive space in the web3 world. The project supports Girl Develop It, a nonprofit devoted to helping women pursue careers in software development—a program that the owner tells us she herself came through.

Club de Beauté

Solid Team

We’re glad to see Club de Beauté’s founder is doxxed. You can read her story here. It’s hard to support anonymous projects. But it also helps to see that this woman-focused collection is actually female-led. The team she put together has run the project smoothly thus far. Also giving us faith is partnerships such as the one with MetaPath, a one-stop shop for buying NFTs, crypto and GameFi items using any crypto currency.

Owned IP

Owning the IP for your NFT is a Bored Apes innovation that has become industry standard now. Club de Beauté grants owners the IP of their beauté. Altogether that makes for an extraordinary bargain at mint price.

Club de Beauté’s mint is now live. For more information, visit

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