NFT REVIEW NEWS WME Tunes into NFT Music with Seedphrase

Seedphrase, a DJ whose sound reverberates in the world of NFT music, has proudly declared that he’s partnering with the famous talent agency WME. Operating as Daniel Maegaard when away from the decks, he has earned praise for his innovative fusion of sounds and use of blockchain technology. 

Following the WME partnership remix, Seedphrase is set to turn the tables in the music industry, conducting a unique symphony of original sounds across fine art, music and fashion sectors. The WME team can help him deepen such connections.

Other plans include a fresh merchandise collection and an enticing community project, which currently remains under wraps.

Syncing Music with NFT Artwork

Maegaard is known for owning and utilizing CryptoPunk #8348, acknowledged as the rarest Punk out of the 10,000 NFT collection. The asset boasts seven hard-to-come-by traits, while other Punks from the batch display zero to six of these visual characteristics.

Throughout his flourishing career, Seedphrase has taken the stage to DJ at numerous events, wearing a helmet that resembles his pixelized avatar and making noise alongside other Web3 enthusiasts and musical talents, like Steve Aoki and Diplo.

Interestingly, Seedphrase isn’t the only musician making good use of PFP NFTs to create a unique persona and connect with the wider blockchain community. Steve Aoki and Justin ‘3LAU’ Blau also utilize a CryptoPunks avatar for their duo ‘Punx‘, enabling them to release the Punk-featured single ‘Concentrate’ through the NFT music rights platform Royal. 

Celebrated hip-hop producer Timbaland also has a Bored Ape Yacht Club-centered record label following the virtual band Kingship, signed by Universal Music Group.

As the music industry continues to innovate, the melody of creativity and technology, notably through NFTs, continues to harmonize, presenting new ways in which music and personal branding synergize in the Web3 sphere. 

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