NFT REVIEW NEWS Win a Share of $20,500 in the Upcoming Axie Game Jam 2023

Fire up the prefrontal cortex and turn the coffee machine up to eleven, Sky Mavis has unveiled details of its epic Axie Game Jam 2023. As a result, creative minds will have a frantic 2-week period in which to develop a fully playable Axie-based game following an as-yet unrevealed theme.

Through its unprecedented new opportunity, budding game developers will have a chance to show their talents on the big stage, and potentially enter into a partnership with Sky Mavis. If that isn’t enough, however, the top creators at the end of the 2-week period, will also take away a share of $20,500!

The competition itself will take place over three distinct phases. The first of which, is already underway and basically gives candidates until October 14 to assemble their team and register for the game jam. Then, from 7am GMT on October 15, Sky Mavis will reveal the theme, and the developers can get to work. During this period, participants must build a fun and playable game that utilizes assets from the Axie Generator Toolkit, prior to the deadline of 7am GMT, October 29.

Following the design and build phase, the player community will put the creations to the test in a week-long voting period. This will take into consideration key factors such as design, theme, enjoyment factor, graphics and innovation. Then, on around November 15, sky Mavis will unveil the winners, and dish out a range of excellent prizes.

Top Contenders to Receive Top Prizes

When the dust has settled, the best designers in the realm will take away a slew of grand cash prizes. As a result, the top 5 games as decided by the judges will receive $8k, $5k, $3k, $2k, and $1k respectively. While an additional $500 each will be awarded to 3 ‘Editor’s Choice’ nominees.

So, get caffeinated, get creative, and get to work, the Axie Game Jam 2023 has finally arrived!

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