NFT REVIEW NEWS Starbucks Green Apron NFT Collection

Unofficial lord of the caffeinated beverage, Starbucks, has unveiled the latest stage of its NFT loyalty initiative. As a result, get ready to pay homage to an iconic piece of coffee-related apparel in the, drum roll please, Starbucks Green Apron Collection!

Coming in hot at 12pm PDT on August 1, members of the Starbucks Odyssey program can purchase up to 2 NFTs that honor 50 years of the beloved green apron. However, those completing 3 ‘journeys’ prior to July 28, and members of the Starbucks workplace, can mint 3 hours early, at 9am PDT. Depending on its popularity, the mint will last for 7 days, or until the entire supply has been exhausted.

Starbuck’s Green Apron Collection will consist of 5000 individual NFTs that harness the raw power of its iconic barista’s uniform. As a result, it will resurrect apron designs from throughout its 50-year rise as a coffee superpower, from its humble ‘Pike Place’ beginnings, to the state-of-the-art apparel of today. Each NFT will retail at a flat price of $100 via the NiftyGateway marketplace, with designs set to reveal by 5pm PDT on August 3.

Starbucks Pays Tribute to a Coffee Icon in the Green Apron Collection

Starbucks Green Apron NFTs Go Beyond Mere Collectibles

Those taking the plunge into Starbucks cutting-edge Odyssey program will reap benefits from their participation. As a result, holders will receive bonus 1500 points per NFT in order to level up their experience. However, should the holder sell or transfer the ‘stamp,’ those points will then be deducted from their annual total.

Starbucks represents one of several big names making waves in the NFT space with its no-nonsense approach to collecting. Therefore, joining the likes of Nike, Adidas, and Reddit, as they look to transform loyalty benefits and customer experiences by leveraging the power of the blockchain!

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