NFT REVIEW NEWS Soulajit & VCCESS Combine for Art Official Intelligence Educational NFTs

From humble beginnings discovering the inner beauty of urban Los Angeles, multimedia artist, Soulajit, has elevated himself to the lofty heights of master in his field. He has produced a myriad of fantastical creations covering the mediums of visual art, film and music while taking all-comers on a journey of the inner beauty that encapsulates his work.

Now, Soulajit has embarked on his most ambitious project yet. A mighty collaboration with metaverse pioneer, VCCESS, to educate and empower the next generation of digital creators. Together, this formidable duo has launched the Art Official Intelligence (AOI) collection, resulting in an NFT experience the likes of which the world has never seen.

Soulajit VCCESS Art Official Intelligence

Taking inspiration from life in South L.A., AOI speaks through the medium of Atom Angeles, Soulajit’s game-changing AI that will evolve as the project follows its natural path. Through Atom, users will be taken on an odyssey of discovery, receiving the know how required to design and build out an NFT project. As a result, this masterclass in NFT production provides a life changing opportunity to conquer the industry.

Soulajit and VCCESS Launch Pioneering NFTs

To bring the project to life, Soulajit and VCCESS have released a series of incredible NFTs, each of which features Atom juxtaposed with the stark LA urban environment. However, as this is more than just an art project or an NFT collectible, Atom will also perform as teacher and mentor over the coming months. As such, Atom will provide expert guidance through the finer points of NFT creation and distribution, leading budding designers on an expedition of discovery and education.

“Like many people, I came to Los Angeles to get something. I wanted a career, I wanted fame and fortune. But the longer I lived here, the more I realized how much the city had already given me and knew that it was important to honour this city.” Jeremy Ian Thomas – aka Soulajit

Soulajit VCCESS Art Official Intelligence

AOI comes to the world in four distinct tiers ranging from $150 up to $1000, each providing a host of fantastic benefits to their owners. As a result, the basic tier includes access to the private Discord, early access to real life and metaverse events, priority involvement in later drops and episode 1 of the NFT workshop.

Furthermore, tier two adds episode 2 into the mix, and tier three includes a masterclass in 3D animation. The top level NFTs are also eligible for a blockchain verified physical print, enabled by VCCESS’ revolutionary Quantum Fingerprint Tag (QFT) technology.

The first drop is available right now in limited editions via the project website, while five further NFT drops arrive on the platform over the next six months. So, if you’re a budding artist finding it difficult to get a foothold in NFTs, this may herald a solution.

Aquire Art Official Intelligence NFT >> Here

Learn more about VCCESS >> Here

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