NFT REVIEW NEWS Snowcrash and National Geographic NFT Collection

Snowcrash has announced the launch of a bold new National Geographic Genesis NFT collection to drop in January 2023. The collection features 16 National Geographic photographers and digital artists from around the globe.

Named ‘GM : Daybreak Around the World’, this fantastic display of photographic talent honors National Geographic’s 135th anniversary. Furthermore, the collection will include 1888 NFTs in a quiet nod to National Geographic’s year of inception.

Snowcrash is a bleeding edge Web3 studio with a mission mission that includes bringing “inspiration, innovation and ownership to artists around the world”. While additionally, “building the Web3 software and services to empower leading artists, publishers, and brands towards community value, and ownership.”

National Geographic, the magazine and the umbrella brand, has long held the title of leader in photography and innovation. Furthermore, the company continues to invest in the creative community with projects that breathe fresh, new creativity into the photography space.

What’s included in the Snowcrash National Geographic NFT drop?  

Each of the 16 participating photographers will release 118 editions of their sunrise photos on the Polygon blockchain in a blind drop. This is a promising project for National Geographic and also for the photographers involved.

“It is every photographer’s dream to shoot for National Geographic and it’s exciting that through blockchain and NFTs, I am now able to showcase my photography and artwork with Nat Geo,” said participating artist Justin Aversano.

Buyers can use credit or debit cards to purchase the NFTs, without having to use a crypto wallet. This stands as another plus for the project and perhaps will encourage a mainstream audience to participate.

The possibilities for photography NFTs continue to grow. Despite the lower numbers of photo NFT projects, according to a report from e-commerce specialist Remarkable Commerce, photography is the most lucrative NFT sector for creators. As National Geographic leads the way in photography and NFTS, we’re hoping to see more Web3 photography projects to come.

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Image credit via: National Geographic

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