NFT REVIEW NEWS Race Your NFT Dogs in DoRac’s Interactive Quests & Adventures

DoRac, one of the first metaverse space play-to-earn crypto games, offers engaging gameplay based on dog breeding, training and racing. Players use their pack to beat their opponents in competitions and races, making the game much more enjoyable than simple point and click racing games, which are all too prominent in the crypto gaming market.

Gameplay & DoRac Metaverse

Built by Unity game engine, players compete with their own NFT verified dogs in daily races, tournaments and even championships scattered across the DoRac metaverse. The metaverse plays a central role in the DoRac ecosystem, providing a virtual world for users to breed, train and race their dogs.

It will also have its own roam element, giving a MMORPG-type feel to the game with interactive quests and adventures. Users can expect a ton of community-engaging content such as leaderboards for the fastest track times, side quests and of course other players. Access to the DoRac metaverse will be open to visitors and those who have a Doracian ID. However, visitors will not have complete access to the metaverse, but can still participate in races.

DoRac is innovating the use of NFTs in gameplay by incorporating ‘Smart NFTs,’ which will allow each dog’s attributes to be altered based on training and racing without having to be re-minted. This will help players save on gas fees, simplify ownership, breeding and training of each dog.

By partnering with gaming guilds such as Triple Crown, BreedFi and AxB guild, the DoRac metaverse is all but guaranteed a steady player base on release which will bolster their economy and competition in races.

Dog Races

Dog races will involve 8-12 dogs racing each other in bid for the win. Every virtual Smart NFT dog will have its own unique attributes, and each race will be won or lost based on three factors. That is; RNG technology, each dog’s physical attributes such as weight, agility, stamina and luck, and each player’s strategic approach to the ‘extra stamina’ usage system.

Further Utility

The team at DoRac have completed the first phase of the roadmap, and aim to bring full Smart NFT integration, viewable races, competitive racing championships, and more. The launch of their IDO is set to take place in Q3 of 2022, with a small market cap at launch.

The native tokens, $DORC and $DRT, are built on the Binance Smart Chain, and will be used to train and feed players’ dogs, compete in races, cover dog breeding fees, and participate in the DoRac metaverse.

Are you ready to race with your pack?

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