NFT REVIEW NEWS Police, Art, and Music: Inside FVCKRENDER’s NFT.NYC Experience

With NFT.NYC entering its last full day of festivities today, June 23, this week-long celebration of all things NFTs is officially coming to a close. Over the last few days, we’ve seen countless IRL events, activations, and art installations in and around the city commemorating one of the year’s biggest NFT events.

Among these NFT.NYC-hosted galleries is FVCKRENDER’s LVCIDIA, located in Studio 525 in Manhattan. The three-day RSVP and holder-only gallery event showcases the artist’s LVCIDIA project live and in person. Launched as an online art exploration experience, LVCIDIA exists as an interactive way for enthusiasts and collectors to enter a colorful, extraterrestrial-inspired world.

During the day, attendees can browse the gallery and see FVCKRENDER’s artistic vision come to life through the use of HD projectors, lighting features, merch, and even physical renditions of some of his most popular pieces. Once 6 p.m. rolls around, the galleries are converted into full-blown concert spaces.

Unfortunately, the first day of after-hours parties at the gallery hit a snag when the NYPD threatened to shut the event down for overcrowding during a Steve Aoki DJ set. Thankfully, the LVCIDIA team was able to pivot to a new location on day two for a night of music with Tokimonsta. Later today, the gallery is set to enter its last day. We’ll see if FVCKRENDER has even more surprises in store for fans.

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