NFT REVIEW NEWS Optimistic Figures Revealed in DappRadar’s January Games Report

The latest edition of DappRadar’s monthly blockchain gaming report, the ‘January 2022 Games Report’ has been published, where signals of holistic growth across industry investment and game usage have been indicated. Let’s take a look at the stand-out conclusions of the report.


Off the back of receiving $4 billion worth of investment within the whole of 2021, 2022 has begun with blockchain gaming infrastructures raking in $1 billion, which is a huge 25% of its preceding year’s total. Notable areas in which such investment came through was the raising of $360 million by Animoca Brands, Mechanism Capital’s raising of $100 million, and The Sandbox + Brinc’s raising of $50 million. $300 million worth of investments were also made into OpenSea, which, although might not be a direct investment into blockchain gaming, the NFT marketplace still plays an essential role in the trading market for dApp game items.

In addition to such completed investments, January also saw Goldman Sachs and Tencent-backed Voodoo announce their intent to invest $200 million into unspecified areas of the industry.

Participation and Noteworthy Games

With regards to participation in the industry, the report stated that 52% of all activity within the dApp industry came through the usage of gaming dApps. This is a 7% improvement on Q3 of 2021’s respective stat, which was recorded just prior to the crypto-crash. DApps’ gaming gain of the blockchain activity pie came through popular games continuing to increase their player bases, as well as new generations of games beginning to build substantial user bases. 

These are the top 5 dApps games, along with the respective amounts of unique active wallets they host; Splinterlands (312,000), Alien World (206,000), Axie infinity (101,000), Farmers World (83,000), and Upland (63,000). 

The new generation of games in question feature the likes of DeFi Kingdoms, Bomb Crypto, and Crazy Defense Heroes, who are all boosting the category for different blockchains like Harmony, BSC, Polygon, and others. In fact, throughout the month, Bomb Crypto attracted nearly 40,000 daily unique wallets on average, to surpass Mobox as the most played dApp on BSC, whilst DeFi Kingdoms generated over $1.6 billion in transactions, resulting in the game holding $775 million, or 60% of Harmony’s Total Value Locked.

DeFi Kingdoms’ generation of over $1.6 billion in transactions was 243% more than that of Axie Infinity, who, because of economic adjustments in the game’s ecosystem system, suffered a minor blip in its metric. That being said, this impact is forecasted to be a mere short-term result of an initiative which will improve the game’s ecosystem sustainability in the long run.  

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