NFT REVIEW NEWS Nansen Connect to Rival Discord as Hub for NFT Communities

Discord, the current haven for NFT community activity and the (more than) occasional NFT scam is about to incur a direct competitor by way of Nansen’s new messaging service ‘Nansen Connect’. Unlike Discord, which has a user base which extends beyond the realm of Web3, the app will require users to connect their crypto wallets in order to use its services, and where they will then be automatically connected to groups based on their verified holdings.

Dubbed as a ‘crypto-native communications hub,’ Nansen will draw on data and features from its preexisting platform to enhance the user experience of its messaging app. This means Nansen Connect users will be able to access data on elements such as the current holdings, crypto net worth, and transaction history of individuals and projects, meaning their interactions and decisions within the platform can be made with holistic Web3-related contextualisation. 

When speaking about the features, Paul Harwood, Nansen’s product manager, also alluded to how they can serve as tools for ensuring that industry figures, especially those of influence, remain accountable for their actions: “Users can hold influencers and other project leaders to account by monitoring treasuries and dumping in real time, and certain members may be elevated because they’re proven holders. All this information will be easily accessible, and we look forward to seeing how it shapes the conversation”. 

Intuitively, Harwood also believes that the necessity to connect a crypto wallet in order to use the platform will also help mitigate security breaches that are frequently observed on Discord, as only proven members can gain access to certain communities. Security will be bolstered by the fact that all direct messaging on the app will feature end-to-end encryption. 

Although a release date wasn’t mentioned in the company’s official announcement, Nansen have stated that the platform will initially launch with a limited base of users which will be made up of subscribers of its analytics service, as well as owners of high-profile Ethereum NFTs.

That being said, Nansen plan to gradually onboard more communities to the app, with the likes of Pudgy Penguins, CyberKongz, Hashmasks and KaijuKingz already stating their intent to eventually leave Discord and begin using Nansen Connect as their new hub for community interaction. 

In time, smart money channels and trading between users will also be added to the app. 

Watch a demo of Nansen Connect >> Here 

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