NFT REVIEW NEWS Lost Worlds Launches geoNFT Assisted Platform

In the thrill-a-second world of video gaming, NFTs have been touted as the next breakthrough moment for the industry. Effectively, providing a means for users to unlock access to bonus content, superpower player characters, and provide a new layer of immersive benefits to holders. What if, however, it was possible to take that game-changing interactivity and apply it to the real world? Well, that’s exactly what Lost Worlds has achieved with its amazing hybrid geoNFT experience!

Taking inspiration from games like Pokémon GO, Lost world has a goal to get folks out into the real world and exploring their surroundings. Achieving this, with the revolutionary new geoNFT that links a digital token to a specific landmark, and uses anti-spoofing tech to prevent cheating. Then, those that follow the clues, can mint the NFT upon arriving at the location and unlock whatever benefits that have been designated.

Lost Worlds geoNFT Tech to Power Brand Engagement

It may be the high-value sales and the crazy volumes that first brought attention to NFTs, but it will be the everyday uses that truly bring the tech to the forefront. As such, Lost Worlds has side-stepped the speculative side of NFTs to envision an amazing new way for brands to engage with their customers.

Through its geoNFTs, the company will facilitate a range of scavenger style hunts that will task participants with finding the widely scattered tokens that unlock exclusive benefits, while discovering new locations that they may have otherwise missed.

The applications for the tech are endless. For example, a festival goer could unlock physical merch by visiting every stage at the event, a tourist hotspot could reward visitors for discovering little-known locations, or a music act could send fans of a scavenger hunt to a secret venue.

Lost World Launches geoNFT Assisted Scavenger Hunt Platform

Showcasing the Tech at NFT.NYC

In order to showcase its incredible platform, Lost Worlds recently demonstrated its geoNFTs at NYC.NFT, drawing awe from those in attendance. In essence, it challenged attendees to explore Manhattan to locate a number of scattered NFTs, then rewarded those that emerged successful.

So, as 2023 continues to see legacy NFT collections shrink in value, the rise in the geoNFT has only just begun!

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