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Over the last year, the ever-growing world of NFTs has matured into a mighty and versatile beast, where an image is no longer just a jpeg, and those who invest in such trinkets can gain access to untold rewards. One area born of this innovation has seen the ‘move to earn (M2E)’ sector emerge as a new and exciting way to tackle physical exercise, unlocking a world where no effort goes unnoticed, and every action earns an equivalent reward.

Early pioneers of this movement brought an innovative way to amass coin by engaging in trivial pursuits. Now however, a new contender, inSHAPE, looks to blow the industry wide open by rewarding a much broader range of sporting activities. All the while, NFT ownership will add a welcome boost to how much a participant can earn.

Through inSHAPE’s exciting new platform, fans of physical effort and deliberate exercise can earn $SHAPE tokens by recording their daily exertions, with activities such as Basketball, Tennis, Hiking, Walking, Running and Gym all ready to go for its slated October beta release.

Now, as interest in the platform hots up, those looking for their chance to shine can get a jump on the competition by acquiring their own top tier NFTs in the long awaited inSHAPE Wild Card mystery box pre-sale event.

Become an Early Adopter with Top Tier NFT Mystery Box Drop

Within the exhilarating world of inSHAPE, NFTs will play an important factor in earning potential. Essentially, providing a huge boost to the number of tokens accruable, with the very best offering a magnificent 12x multiplier on ultimate gains.

All in all, inSHAPE will release 1,500 of these ‘Wild Card’ NFTs for each sport available on the platform. Each of which will come in one of three tiers of rarity, Common, Uncommon and Rare, offering a 3x, 6x and 12x multiplier respectively, with an additional ‘Legendary’ class of NFT rumoured to drop sometime in the future.

That said however, inSHAPE has gone all out as it gears up for its beta launch by introducing an extremely limited supply of 200 ‘all sports VIP Edition Wild Card’ NFTs, resulting in the very best tokens available on the platform that will yield coin regardless of the activity engaged in. The mystery box sporting NFTs will each come with a chance to obtain a high class NFT in one of 3 tiers, with a worthy 9% chance of receiving the best possible NFTs in the collection!

To get in on the action from the ground up, those with an interest can get involved via the inSHAPE website right now!

Join the inSHAPE All Sport Wild Card mystery box drop >> Here

Bags of Utility with the $SHAPE Token

Through the invigorating inSHAPE application, fans of sport-based activities can earn $SHAPE rewards. Essentially, a single platform-wide utility token that gamers can accrue through their daily workout. Unlike many of its competitors however, the $SHAPE token has a number of uses, both within the application and outside of it.

First and foremost, users can trade $SHAPE via any participating exchange for another crypto-based currency, in addition to using it to purchase NFTs and upgrades within the inSHAPE ecosystem. Where $SHAPE begins to shine however, is its function outside the blockchain ecosystem. Users can trade their hard earned $SHAPE tokens for any number of real-world discount tokens. Thereby, enabling them to benefit from their toil from the earliest possible opportunity.

Join the inSHAPE Revolution with VIP Mystery Box Drop

So, for those energetic types who love to stay in shape, a wide world of opportunity awaits. For the idle types however, the long wait for a ‘laze to earn’ app continues.

Find out more about inSHAPE >> Here

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