NFT REVIEW NEWS IT Strikes Fear into the Realm of Funko Digital Pops

No two things in the realm of all that is holy invoke more terror than clowns and characters with disproportioned heads. Now however, a truly blood-curdling collaboration will combine both of their spine-tingling dread, as Stephen King’s IT joins forces with Funko Digital Pops.

Arriving in a tornado of fear and apprehension, the ‘IT x Funko Series 1’ collection will debut at 11am PT on June 20. Bringing with it, the apex jester, Pennywise, along with the luckless inhabitants of the sinister town of Derry. Each gracing the Wax blockchain in a series of 3D animated NFT cards, with the chance to score a redeemable physical vinyl toy!

Stephen King’s IT Strikes Fear into the Realm of Funko Digital Pops

Funko Digital Pops Enters the Fearful Realm of IT

Folks wishing to take the plunge can purchase one of two tiers of card packs. The ‘Standard’ pack will include 5 cards and cost a relatively affordable $9.99, while, the ‘Premium’ pack will contain 15 cards at the ever so slightly more expensive price of $29.99. Each of which, will contain a randomize selection of NFTs featuring characters from the franchise of varying scarcity.

What’s more, certain cards and combinations of cards will also qualify holders to claim a limited-edition vinyl toy. With that in mind, any ‘Legendary’ or ‘Grail’ tier collectibles will automatically allow owners redeem their physical counterpart. While, those managing to accumulate a ‘Royalty Collection,’ – collecting the full set of Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic Pops – can also claim an as yet unrevealed item.

That said however, collectors will need to submit their requests within the allotted timeframe. Essentially, qualifying wallets will receive a ‘redeem token’ on October 18, and will have until November 17 to claim the physical item. Then, in the distant realm of Q2, 2024, Funko will distribute the toys to their rightful owners.

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